I was in time for the train.

Do you come from another planet?

You're unbiased.

Hello, boys!

I like English more than maths.

An empty stomach doesn't help on the mental front.

That's part of my job.

Mario willed all his property to the city.

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Tandy hates them.

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What are you giving Sidney for his birthday?

Why were you looking for her?

What will become of me?


I bike to work.

Please call me as soon as you arrive in Boston.

Has Myrick told Nici that he's poor?


In that country there once lived a wise king.

Brooke didn't know what Marsh wanted to eat.

The opening address alone lasted one hour.


I'm almost sure.

How much do you know about artificial intelligence?

We'll try to be there early.

I have an idea where to find Daren.

The investigators sent a glass and a pair of socks to be examined.

I have nothing to declare.

This phrase should only be used colloquially, never in a formal setting.

Hey, where are we?

There are no witnesses.


Is there a man in your life?

You're the only person I know besides me who is actually interested in this kind of thing.

What I have in my hand is a fossil seashell.

I usually eat out.

He was a fruit farmer from California.

Pinocchio had a long nose.

Stephanie saw a play in the new theater.

Where did you find them, at school or at home?

Becky whispered something to Wilmer that I couldn't hear.

What's the worst injury you've ever had?

Straka is a lazy student.

It's not just Brent's problem.

I feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

Oh? You can type without looking at the keyboard. That's cool!

The author pins the crime on a character who pops up in the last chapter of this book.

Time is short, we must act NOW.

I'm not going to skate today.


Devon doesn't want any trouble.


The label "foreigner" should never be based on skin colour, but on nationality.

I write to my mother once a month.

I don't know if I can resist anymore.

I thought I heard someone playing a banjo.

Andrea left the details of the agreement to his lawyer.

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The cold spell slowed the growth of the rice plants.

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The capital of the state is right on the equator.


It's a bargain.

The familiar place had a new significance for her.

Be cheerful! Add an exclamation mark to all of your sentences!

Spring comes after winter.

Manavendra looks like a girl.

They're not telling us much.

Let's go to the hospital now.

Did you two have fun?

She seems to have slept badly last night.

Just a little bit.

She wouldn't even look at me.

She had no rule of thumb about it, but she got it right every time.

Days are getting longer.

I took his attendance for granted.

Plans have not been finalized.

We're playing with the computer.

Try reading this.


The Prime Minister proposed administrative reforms.


I like scarlet red as a colour.

I agree with your opinion about taxes.

Henry has a big house.


Locking all the doors, I went to bed.

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The space race was an exciting time in history.


Cockfighting is illegal in many countries.

What will you do with this camera?

Sometimes hockey players get so competitive that fights break out.

I can't count on you.

The tornado destroyed the whole village.


He missed the train by one minute.

That company puts out a magazine, doesn't it?

Lou is surly, isn't he?

Would you ask him to come in?

Tandy's repulsive.

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The delinquents knocked him down and stole his wallet.

Fresh food is wonderful.

This building was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt after the war.

I want you to read this letter.

What does an airship look like?

The test says I was a king in my previous life.

Those who choose this way would make a big mistake.

No one knows the reason.

I love being married.

Is there a metro station here?

I don't think Mark knows where I live.


Food is cheap in Germany.

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He made a move on her.

Never tell a lie again.

I need you to believe in me.

The whiskey was horrible.

It's up to you whether you study or not.

There's no need to worry about that at this point.

James Monroe easily won the election.

I don't know what I can do to help.

This pen doesn't write well.

Where do you keep your medication?

You look just like your mother.


I was with her last week.

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I met an old friend, and what was more strange, my former teacher.


John has hardly ever gone to bed before midnight.

Do you really mean it?

Marty died in 2013 in Boston.

At that time, my house was under construction.

Dan didn't even yell at Linda.


I'm just saying we can't leave yet.

John had cleaned the house when I came home.

Please wake me for breakfast.

You're really clumsy.

Phill wouldn't want this.

This smells very, very good.

I'm looking for a wallet.


He usually succeeded.

Let me come to the ball; I, too, would like to dance.

Vernon weighed his options.

I don't need an excuse.

We got along great.

I can't stand to see you wasting your time.

It all started in this place.


The English entered into the tea trade at that time.

I'll lend you money, but mind you, this is the last time.

I was very tired today.

He went in place of me.

Can we stop there?


Chet's family rarely eat together.

You're going to have to pay for the repair.

I couldn't tell you why.


Darren is doing well in his schoolwork.

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Please move your bicycle out of here.

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I couldn't come to the birthday party.

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Land of liberty, land of the future, I salute you!


I'm actually being quite serious.

Have you asked them for help?

Malaclypse can understand Swahili.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

She cooks for him.

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5000 years of the Space Age accomplished many great things for humanity.


Maybe I should check on her.

It would be great if you could join us for dinner.

Applicants are requested to apply in person.

I said I'd wait for her.

Speaking of Nagoya, have you ever been to Seto?

Hohn said he did it wrong.

I like to have a full-length mirror in my bedroom.

You're right, Siegurd.

I remember meeting you before.


Duane says he's not busy.

The woman who wore the white clothes was out to a party.

You've never had a pet, have you?


Be still.

I'm not causing the problem.

Who do you think will do that?

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What's your mother like?