Hillel is not afraid to speak his mind.

I insist that she was honest.

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We're serious about it now.

It will be ready soon.

Camila is from Uruguay. She is Uruguayan.

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What's that look for?

Learning and cherishing data are not just the domain of Jewish people.

If I had known that the exam would be so easy, I would have studied much less.


Tomorrow night, they will all go to Beijing University to attend class.


I feel like I'm making progress.

It'd be good.

My father is not a teacher but a doctor.

He despised those who lived on welfare.

I've been on my own since I was thirteen.

The sand is yellow, and also the sun is yellow. The sand and the the sun are yellow.

Everyone in the room laughed.

I have a message for you.

Tell me how you really feel.

That seems hard to believe.

Apart from the cost, it will take long to build the bridge.

She's a wedding consultant.

I wish there were a super discount supermarket in the neighbourhood.

I like Korean food.

Alberto sat on the edge of his desk.

The man took the boy by the hand.

It took me five hours to drive there.


Where's the noise coming from?

She never came.

Tran's desk is covered with stuff.

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Was Julianto involved in what happened today?

I have no reason not to do so.

Please come to meet me at the station.

The teacher explained the difference between the sentences "We all know Laurel is guilty" and "All that we know is that Hughes is guilty."

What are you going to make?


Let's just hope our team wins.


Which of the two books did you like better?


You never call, you never call and you still call me 'friend'?

No one ever came.

You call me just when you need me.


I'll try to make it to your party.

We followed him single file till we reached the cabin.

I admire the adamance with which you protect your son.

Manjeri looks irritated.

It isn't a bit cold.


I am so disappointed.

One day those people arrived in his village.

That's a good thing to have.


Who could've foreseen this happening?

We're declaring the ceremony open.

It took me a while to find you.


Just 3 days left before my trip.

Everything will turn out fine.

The books were taken away by the students.


Glenn knew instantly that something was wrong.


I'm not good at this sort of thing.

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I have to answer the phone.

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I found you, didn't I?

I need you to give this to Ken for me.

His aunt's apple pie was delicious, so he had a second helping.

The geologist climbed into the limo.

All of Will's friends laughed at Tao.

She also has a good memory.

That isn't much, is it?

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The neighborhood is alive with activities.


She will leave for New York next Sunday.

You're credible.

I'll take you to the hospital.

I'd rather play tennis than baseball.

Go outside and play.


Why are you in Boston?

The climate of Japan is milder than that of England.

I can't move.

Are you always busy?

What did you have to do?

The committee consists of seven scholars.

My father went to Germany when he was young.

Had he known what was about to happen, he would have changed his plan.

You may rise.

She went either to London or to Paris.

His composition has not a few mistakes.

I know your mother.

Come in quickly, please.


His terrible suffering aroused her pity.

Have a little patience with what you're doing.

Strong commitment to the environment is not compatible with large investments in oil and gas.

He was always finding fault with me.

Boyd thinks the food Glenn makes is usually too spicy.

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John is on duty today.

He was hit by a car.

What's your feeling about the idea?

Is there a problem with this?

He is too shy to talk to girls.

It's really kind of exciting.

How long have you worked for Rudy?

Josh asked me out, but I told him where to go.

Jeanette is quite observant, isn't he?

Horses are animals.

We had no drinking water.


The prince is handsome.


I asked Derek if he wanted to go to Boston with me.


Major's a loner who shuns close relationships.

I finally understand what you were trying to do.

I know how angry The is.


I was on a break.

Kemal wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you.

I enjoy hanging out with Leung.

Are you positive that it was Alf?

It won't be long before he can play baseball again.

Stolen money never bears fruit.

The nurse was a witch, though the king did not know it.

We've done fine without you.

Today is my treat.

For these patients, surgical treatment is far from being satisfactory.

We talked about Boston.

Billy grabbed Stephen by the throat and choked her.

In my opinion, a well-designed website shouldn't require horizontal scrolling.


We've come this far, so we can't stop now. I don't want to backslide.


He kept me from making a big mistake.

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It's an Indian dish.

Disregarding the "No Entry" sign, she pushed open the door and walked inside.

It's a tourist area.

How many volcanoes are there on this island?

Are you going to ask Thierry to dinner?

Knute was whistling a song his mother had taught him.

Pitawas closed his eyes briefly.

I want to know the reason.

There's nothing more to say.

Break out the champagne.

The subject has not yet been fully explored.

I have made many mistakes in my lifetime.

Clarissa isn't weak.

No, you can't.

They aren't ripe at all. You're going to break your teeth!

Why didn't Skef tell Herman about this?

Who said I had a gun?


Gregory moved back to Boston.


You promised me you'd look after Stephan.

They held each other tight.

He was executed as a spy.

Now that you are a college student, you should know better.

Everybody has to pitch in.

I paid to have this done.

Juergen can't get his car to start.

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I am leaving for London tomorrow.

Could you do me the courtesy of replying?

How is this my problem?

Our teacher is stern to us.

I never really knew what happened.

Because I do not have children, I can spend more time volunteering than parents can.

My sister is a moron.


Luke's cat is missing.

The boy is petting the cat.

It was slush on the road where the car, that had summer tires, ran out.


Are you afraid of rats?

Have you spoken to her?

I met Marsha when I was in Boston.

I'm glad you were able to be with your parents on Christmas Day.

I cooked chick pea soup


If we'd followed Vincent's advice, we wouldn't be having this problem now.

Let me help you with your baggage.

Boyd told me that his father had passed away.

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I'm surprised how inattentive I can be.

Everyone stared at them.

Justin is definitely not busy.