The chicken hasn't laid eggs lately.

Could you please confirm the price for this?


He sometimes comes to see me.

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They searched high and low for the missing boy but to no avail.

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If I can win the lottery, then I won't have to sell my daughters.

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You should have killed me when you had the chance.

I'm a nomad for life.

We didn't help him escape.

I know that gentleman only by name.

I have hunger pangs.

I know you want to talk to him.

I don't want to believe you.

Mahmoud is such a malingerer that you can't count on him to get anything done, no matter what promises he makes.

Can stress actually kill you?

You must learn to restrain yourself.

The word "house" evokes the mental image of a rectangular building with a roof and smoking chimney, which may be surrounded by grass and trees and inhabited by a happy family.


I don't have time to do the laundry.

I just can't get along with him.

Registration is only valid after payment in advance.

There are a lot of places to see around here.

For all I know, he could be in Paris right now.

He has a vivid imagination.

Dan didn't deserve to die.

It's clear that he has no intention of marrying you.

She began dressing conservatively.


The boy was speechless when talking to a girl.

I think they're using you.

It's really there.

Looks like I messed up.

Rules are meant to be kept, not broken.


I'm not used to writing a business letter, yet.

The true conservative seeks to protect the system of private property and free enterprise by correcting such injustices and inequalities as arise from it.

Is it true that you were on TV yesterday?

I tried to open the door, and the doorknob came off.

I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.

"I think you'd make a cute couple." "Whaat?"

Do you think Dorothy is planning to help us?

The Loch Ness monster is an urban myth.

The climate of New Zealand is similar to that of Japan.

What else would I do on a Monday night?

When they woke up they saw a stone lying next to them.

I'm really worried about them.

Do you have a cat?

Dan came back after spending two months in Scotland.

Somebody took a shot at us.


We laughed at them.

I'm pretty lucky.

Everlasting fear, everlasting peace.

The number of people who go abroad has been increasing.

Where's that?

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Let's move on to the next order of business.

Never call anyone fat.

Angela is just shy.

There were many rotten apples in the basket.

Inadequate questions give rise to inadequate answers.


The choice was Francisco's.

We didn't break in.

That's not why I'm afraid of Ritchey.

The big investor bought up the stocks.

I was late, so I missed flight 501.


I need to get over Heinz.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Could you give me change out of a hundred-dollar bill?

It snowed a lot.

Mikey solved the problem by himself.

She talks as if she knew all about it.

They called the same witness to court.


Everyone believed Elwood.

I've already thought of that.

These artists are going to be famous some day.

The white building was destroyed by the earthquake.

We've got our own problems.

Giovanni is laughing his ass off.

Do you like taking part in this dangerous experiment?

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The lamp needs to be filled with oil.

They bake good cakes.

I wish you would've just left me alone.

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The moon is the earth's only satellite.

What we want is freedom.

Let's forget about her.

Gregge was an embittered old man who was weary of life.

Children are more at risk for lead poisoning.


Ricky did a lot of laundry today.

We've got to find him before he does something stupid.

That better not be them.

What does "oncology" mean?

I made Beverly laugh.

Has Tommy already looked for his ball in the closet?

They found the body of a newborn baby in a freezer.


Kyoto is Japan's former capital.

When do you start for Sado?

Can I use the bathroom?

Wolf asked Jose if she'd seen John.

I'd never hit a woman.

Donne and Markku could have become friends.

We called on him last night.

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My work here is done.

Had he known the facts, the accident might have been avoided.

So you're her brother!

I don't generally go out of the house to want to see other people.

Jacques is getting upset.


He's hurrying up.

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There's my team.

I'm calling the meeting off.

It's very nice to meet you.

He was at work till late at night.

No one had the heart to say he was wrong.


Irfan is likely to win.

The coalition force fired at her car at the checkpoint in Bagdad.

It's unbelievable.

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Yes, it's for that reason that I'm making a cake.

They kissed passionately.

It is possible that I forgot my keys.

I'm out riding my bike.

We didn't forget.


The couple lived a happy life to the end.


We can surely do better.

Beth is not about to give up now.

He's far more experienced than me.

We are now in-laws, seeing as our kids got married.

It's getting colder.

I know he is watching me.

Piotr dug a grave for his dog.

He had the kindness to lend me his car when mine broke down.

This problem has been debated by many economists.

She has a good figure.

Why aren't you eating that?


Darci said he was just interested in helping Root.


She is said to be in love with him.

He seems tired tonight.

Terri kept asking me questions the whole time.

I need an apple.

I know her better than you do.

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I want to know more about the accident that killed Byron.

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Is it okay if I take a break?

The new tax law is full of loopholes.

For me, listening to loud music is annoying.

Hold onto this for me, would you?

I'm busy all day keeping house.

There's no need to be sorry.

Do you understand?

Julian hasn't prepared the table yet.

It's not going to end well.

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Can I tell him why?

Uri straightened his glasses.

He continued to walk all day.


We've painted the walls white.


He is fresh from college.

Where did you defeat them?

That baby is Mikael.

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Kylo isn't here today.

You're a good influence on them.

This is the boy I think about.

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There were six candidates for queen.

She married a hotshot lawyer from New York.

You stopped to talk.


Hector used to hang out with Joseph all the time.

She will come back before long.

Generally we all eat together at the table.

I've already said I don't know how to do it.

He arrived just as I was leaving home.

Justin was horrible to me in high school.

Can I have a pizza, please?

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She brewed a love potion.

I'm on good terms with him.

Can you manage to complete the manuscript by Friday?