Claude taught at Harvard.

Never did I dream that I would meet you here.

Between them they can finish in a week.


She'll succeed for sure.

Our entrance examination was near at hand.

I need to speak with him alone.

I saved for future needs a little money as our marriage fund.

You can see it with the naked eye.

The danger is over.

I, on the other hand, prefer sweets.


How many lifeboats are on this ship?

That's so wild.

I don't even know whether it's Tatoeba.org or .net or .com.


Sundar was Mikey's alleged accomplice.

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The snow is melted.


I still have to find out about Conrad.

Dan was sued by one of his former tenants.

I thought you could handle her.

I have to find a part-time job.

If by any chance he should come, I want you to give him this document.

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Do you know where I live?


You are always good for nothing.

I'm not talking about her.

What's bothering you?

The engine makes a strange noise.

The boat was cast ashore.


Who gave you that black eye?

Kristin likes to drink sangria.

Some flowers are magenta.


Father, today I'm going out with some friends. That is, of course, if you give me permission.


I don't want to be involved in that matter.

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Tao stared blankly out the window.

I had to go therefore to all those who appeared to have some knowledge.

Tell us why you killed him.

I don't negotiate.

Why did Hughes and Liz get divorced?

Lex was sure he would find another job.

They don't need a reason.


Why don't you read a book?

I've called the other parents.

There's someone trapped in the car.

We must think about friends.

That war ended in 1954.

Norbert likes to take walks in the woods.

They bake good cakes.


Rape and incest are common themes.


It's time to leave for school.

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Isn't that why you're here?

The directions seem incomplete.

I met him while I was staying in Paris.

I still haven't gotten over what happened to me.

I know you're tired, but wake up!

I'm often told I don't look good in a skirt.

That's not fair.


I'm really tired tonight.

Then a little time-wasting idea came to mind.

You don't even want to think about it.

I have no time tomorrow.

The gym is across from the home store.

I've known Konstantinos all my life.

I do this too.

I don't want to be friends with Grace.

The ship is at sea for India.


Russ can't abide Part leaving his dirty clothes on the floor.

Can someone please help me?

I've been under a lot of pressure lately.

He is still too young for the job.

You have a telephone.

He is in with the boss.

Speaking about foreign languages, do you speak French?


I know Jackye knows something.


The roads out in the country are not so busy as in the city.


Have you decided who you'll invite to the party?

Actually, he thanked some of his popularity to his mother.

It cannot be described in words.

Guy and I aren't identical twins.

I can no more speak French than you can speak English.

He complained of having been treated unfairly.

I've explained that to her.

Rudy died of a single gunshot wound.

Who will tell whether one happy moment of love, or the joy of breathing or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth all the suffering and effort which life implies?

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I see a small ship.


He got angry with me.

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I'm no longer a rookie.


Have you seen my keys?


I don't feel sorry for them.

If you won't tell him, I will.

Greg no longer lives with me.

In this world, rules of conduct prevail that differ from what is accepted in public life.

Sandip's involvement in the bank robbery is yet to be established.


Gypsy thought Raanan was in the room.

I wouldn't have done it.

Marie will show you how to catch a fish.

He came here a long time ago.

Would you like me to shave the back of your neck?


I'm thinking of going to Paris.


The thought of her going alone left me uneasy.

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More play will mean less time to study.

Earnie is tired of people always telling him that he looks like his father.

Having studied French for three years, Marvin can speak it quite well.

I can't drive.

Reserve a seat in advance.

This morning it was much cooler than yesterday morning.

Whomever she invites, she is kind.


Their car is not good.

It's a brain-teaser.

This sentence has to be deleted.

The rest of us all had the smoked salmon.

I think you've been a policeman too long.

How can I start the engine?

Russ has a lot of responsibilities.

We were attacked by swarms of bees.

Lindsey never told me who he was married to.

I saw the man get ganged up on.

Leonard won't be here next month.


I could not bring myself to eat it.

Typhoon No.11 is moving up north at twenty kilometers per hour.

Edward advertised his house for sale.


I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Would you like to tea with us this afternoon?

Stephe hired a local contractor to remodel his kitchen.

Stand the ladder against the wall.

Winston saves over 80% of what he earns.

No, it's not me. It's you!

After that newspaper wrote that no farmer wanted to work as a tenant in Vestfold, interest has skyrocketed.

There were no people in the village.

Have any of you seen Antonio?

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All of a sudden, Martyn and I were alone.


I don't like seeing Thad sad.

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The city is cracking down on drunk drivers and giving them fines.

I've played that song so many times I could do it in my sleep.

Miriamne took a bottle of pills out of his pocket.


I just want to go to bed.

I feel there is just no way out.

At first, he seemed like the perfect guy.

I'm going to the bathroom.

I really do wish you could come with us.

We're obviously very disappointed.

Remember to go fishing with me this coming Sunday.

Today's pigs are tomorrow's hams.

It's a very bizarre animal.

You're out of control.

Teruyuki had a good teacher.

"A passionate kiss scene in a school corridor ... I've heard all about it!" "It wasn't passionate! That's an exaggeration..."

I named my daughter Nairu wishing her long life.

We've been matched up with some strong teams this year.

Jean-Pierre heard Josh coughing.

The light turned red.

We should try to convince Ro to stay with us for a few days.


The dead body was identified by a mole on the cheek.

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A key is lying on the writing-table.


Loyd pocketed the coin.

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Ramiro traveled around Australia.

How can I be of service?

Kate is smarter than any other student in our class is.

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I don't discriminate.

We were running out of gas, and what was worse, it began to snow heavily.

I was worried on her account.