I'm not criticizing you.

I have to go home.

I'm not feeling hopeful.

With the colour key program system, all colours are divided into two palettes, the "cool palette" and the "warm palette".

I teach Mr Lee's children English in exchange for room and board.

The border is closed.

Ragnar doesn't talk.

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Germany was hit hard by the financial crisis.

After the storm, the ocean was calm.

My second child doesn't like school as much as the first one.

When you leave the bathroom, you should wash your hands.

They talked all night.


I really respect Ernst.

Can you keep it a secret?

Kamel is older than Rajarshi.

Madeira is the name of a wine.

I can't believe Raymond did all of this without anyone's help.

What did you want us to do with all your stuff?

It's OK with me.

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Does that smell bother you?

He arrived five minutes after the specified time.

I'll pick him up.

How long will the meeting last?

Eliot lives on the other side of the valley.

Soohong just sat there with his eyes closed.

Where did you put my navigational instruments?

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I've never lost a fight.

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No one saw him when he left.


I'll buy a through ticket to Hakata.


Tollefsen is a Mexican immigrant.


No one noticed the bear's appearance.

I am a Filipino.

That's not how I feel.


I bought some Christmas presents today.

It is polite of her to write me back at once.

Afterwards, because it was sanctioned by many of the successive dynasties Buddhism became widespread and had a tremendous impact on the development of Chinese thought, culture and art.


I don't trust this Tatoeba group.

Todd usually eats fish two or three times a week.

Was the gate wide open or just ajar?

Linda identified Dan as the man who had raped her.

He went on to demonstrate how to use the machine.

We all know you go to the cinema to watch "Twilight" because of its "brilliant script" and not because of its actors.

We're going to leave you alone.

He's always asking silly questions.

She put on a sweater so she wouldn't catch a cold.

My brother is away on a construction job.

Kayvan is aware of his shortcomings.

The English language is going to the dogs.

I'd do it myself if I knew how.

In this world, there are people who take advantage of legal loopholes to do things that are almost illegal.

I expected that he would come.

I don't know if modern technology increases unemployment, or rather decreases it.

I'll give it back next Monday without fail.

Turn down the TV a little. I'm trying to go to sleep.

Dubai is trying to diversify its economy.

I have one elder brother and a younger sister.

You can't go back there.

Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose. It is a seeking that he who wishes may know the cosmic secrets of the world and they that dwell therein.

What is it that you saw exactly?


He is said to have been a man of respectable position.


Somebody caught me by the arm.


I'm from the Netherlands.

You caught me.

I speak a little Polish, just enough to make myself understood.

I visited him once in a while.

The word is no longer in use.

Byron lives in the house he was born in.

Electric cars are not actually green.

"Noobs?" Dima asked, a slight hint of anger in his voice. "This isn't a video game, Al-Sayib! This is real life!"

He did it under my very nose.


She must come home by 9 at latest.

Did you know that Tove Jansson is not only mother of the Moomin, but also a extremely gifted artist?

I found something I thought I'd lost.

Eat if you're hungry!

Even though they're not still married, Linda and Walt still have dinner together once a week.


The meat is expensive.


Bilingual dictionaries are allowed.

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The food and service are excellent.


The DJ transitioned between two songs.

Do you need anything else?

I have a round bald spot on my head.

There's no doubt that Art is lying about it.

After her death, he sunk into depression.


Page had more important things on his mind.

The fish don't seem to be biting this morning.

I've spoken to them about it.

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Peter doesn't know his birthdate.

The shirt needs ironing.

There is a bench in front of the train station.

These men had come to his country in three ships.

Nancy invited him to a party.

There's no time.

It was a little sudden.

Magnus has made himself comfortable on the sofa.

He can run faster than me.

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"I lost my wallet," lamented John.

Dory had a wonderful time when he went to Boston.

I want to make sure we have enough time to finish this.

Paulo, they spoke ill of you in school.

I'd like to look inside.

She is very fond of gossip.

It's freezing cold in this country.

Nothing else has worked.

We still have a problem.

The picture is nice, well done!

Green looks good on Alice.

I haven't even told Anna.

They're eating the apples.


The doctor told the police it would an autopsy would be necessary to determine the woman's cause of death.


When will you ever learn?

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Siping left quickly.

Theodore has been away for three months.

She gave me several books.

We're still discussing it.

Will you go shopping with me?

Damone seems adventurous.

Malloy did it by himself.

Are you two musicians?

"Six pence per second," Bob reminds her.

I know who I am.

Let's go to your room.

What do you feel now?

Louis deserved a prize.

Stephan is a computer programmer.

Agatha is allergic to strawberries.

They hated you.

What is your blood type?

New stamps will be issued next month.

I'm on a boat.

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I'm from France.


I said that.

Do you want a bite?

Tony and Pedro broke up last week.


They say he's the richest person in the city.

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I know very little about classical music.


There was damage to the pipe.

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I want to send my baggage on ahead.

They ran into the garden to save themselves from those blood-thirsty hounds.

He parties too hard.

I got my mother's goat when I gave her the salt instead of the sugar.

Human beings weren't meant to sit in cubicles all day, staring at computer screens.

True friendship is invaluable.

This is important to us.

It was true, after all, that money did not bring happiness.

Does this sentence make sense?


For all his wealth, he was still unhappy.


Your hair smells like spring.

Hienz cried out for help.

I'm supposed to be in bed.

Often the fear of one evil leads us into a worse.

We cannot predict what will happen.

The poor are getting poorer.

This is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen.


He's the only one who doesn't know.

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We have to buy a new rug for this room.

The Solar System has only eight planets now as Pluto, which was the ninth, has been reclassified as a dwarf planet.

I'm just here to say hi to him.

Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius.

Words express thoughts.


When did Casper get married?

Then he brought Simon to Jesus, who looked at him and spoke.

We want to remain like we are now forever.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

When your resources are limited, you have to prioritize.