I'm no longer afraid of him.

"Manpower" is the world's largest temp agency.

Ramiro hasn't played tennis for a while.

Bret said I had no sense of humor.

I have some things to say.

30 is the product of 3 times 10.


You licked the spoon.

Elliot's downstairs.

There's no need to worry.

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They reached their destination.

She gave her oath that she would not drink.

Tell me the reason why he was fired.

Stretch out your arms.

I'm so bored right now.

Why haven't you cooked dinner yet?

Richard has already told Pradeep all about it.

"Getting a foot on the property ladder" is a popular way to describe buying your first home.

"Rod knows." "He does? Did you tell him?"

It wasn't me who slammed the door.

At last he stopped before an old house, and caught another glimpse of the town.

Morgan was their hero.

When's Saiid expected back?

The dog is ours.

Kieran and Julia often drink their morning coffee on the veranda.

He basically declares anyone who doesn't agree with him a Communist.

It became useless.


This is what you can do in order to improve your language skills.

My balloon popped!

Dan's books have been translated in more than twenty languages.

I still don't trust you.

Piotr and Randy are safe.

Please don't touch those books.

This is a replica of a dinosaur's egg.

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Don't come to school to lark around.


Hal has a cold now.

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It's raining?


She has lent me a new CD of a very good Brazilian band called Tinastacia.

List walked up to the house.

I would rather quit than work under him.

How much is this tie?

Norm often eats breakfast by himself.

These new shoes already want mending.

Billie pointed to the picture on the wall.


Friendship in itself is something very vague and even in cases of same-sex friendships, it takes many shapes and is brought on by many different motives.

It's time to get some sleep.

I wouldn't lose a lot of sleep over it.

Read your statement before you sign it.

I don't take orders from you anymore, Tran.


Many of the men became sick.


My father bought this hat for me.


I talked with Louise for over an hour before he said something that made me realize he wasn't a native speaker.


Conrad is looking for a place to park his car.


Finish your work.

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It beats me how she could have gotten that secret information.

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Rain or shine, I'll go.

I'm sure that Torsten and Erwin have been here before.

He disappeared again.

To adopt a sentence, click on the white person icon.

I never regretted the choices I made.

Hit this crag!

I skipped lunch, so I'm pretty hungry.

There's no doubt that the universe is infinite.

To be a good batter, you've got to hang loose and follow your instincts.

Do we have to do this anymore?

Can I offer you another one?

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You promised me to take care of Walt.

She is in the habit of fidgeting in the presence of others.

Can I carry this on the plane?


Rik knows it's his call.

Hirotoshi Jackson is a seasoned diplomat.

Robert occasionally visits me.

She wants more

Kent left a long time ago.

Happiness is a feeble flower.

The sky was completely dark.


Casper doesn't want any coffee.

Louie is impressive.

I'm learning English.

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I inherited it from my parents.

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Olof is learning a new technique.

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I'd better drive you home.

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Have you heard from Theodore yet?

If only I were as handsome as he is.

Mario always laughs at his own jokes, just in case no one else does.

Close the door behind you.

They released the prisoner.

In a similar situation, the company was held liable.

Young people should respect old people.

Russell prays several times a day.

In the morning I always drink a cup of coffee.


When I travel, I prefer to travel by air.


I met them at the library.

Panacea is a classically-trained musician.

Would you tell her we're back?

Heidi and Bernard used to be married to each other.

I did it just now.

Joyce was trying to kill Pierette.

Tonight I'm getting drunk!


The storm was getting worse out in the mountains, making it harder to reach the hikers.

Norm scared the children.

I'll see the president myself.


Did you turn off the heater?


You seem to be in a big hurry.

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Bernard leaned over and pressed her head against Cristopher's shoulder.

I think I've answered all your questions.

Is there someplace around here that can fix a flat tire?

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It can be costly.

Her brother has been missing for a while now.

You cannot do all these things at once.

Who would want to hire Micky?

Your parents would've been proud of you.

It's my biggest dream.

It'll come to you.

What are you and Jim doing?

Everyone is in favor of your idea.

Spy confronted the vampire with a silver knife.

Jean-Pierre isn't my boyfriend. He's my cousin.

I guess I'm a little curious.

I sat in the waiting room while my dog was getting X-rayed.


Joachim doesn't eat a lot.


You're single, right?


How soon the summer holiday is over.

Why are you in such a bad mood?

Let's all make a toast to our glory days.


Johan ate everything on his plate.

All of a sudden, the door shut with a bang.

Watch me.


Somebody killed them.

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The question is when.

Hey what's the big idea?

You mustn't answer your mother back when she scolds you.

Do you have a business acquaintance in Randolph., Ltd?

I finally broke down and bought the game my son had been asking me for.

We're getting our pictures taken at school tomorrow.

I would like an air-conditioned room.


Is eating raw pork really bad for you?

Alvin says he only wants to talk to you.

At ease, soldiers.

Nathan can't help that.

I am older than your brother.

Get your priorities straight.

In a past-oriented society, people dwell on the past and on tradition.


Rand just did what he was told to do.

Teruyuki is depressed because his girlfriend left him.

The girl resembles her mother.

She held him like mother gorillas hold their babies.

Normally we have to wait for only three or four minutes.

When we are praised, we gain confidence.

My hope is to give you good food for a low price.

I think you can help him.

Sanche has recommended you for the job.

This is the best restaurant known to me.

Now this is a good idea.

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Which would Kathy choose?

He is willing enough.

Tiny pets are in fashion now.

If you don't tell Jaime what happened, I will.

It's so nice to be back.

The people are playing baseball.

He knows he acted badly.

How much space does it take?

The teacher demonstrated the idea with an experiment.