I must have a cup of coffee in the morning.

They won't waste time.


I've not started yet.


It has become noticeably colder.

Put it in words I can understand.

The laborers were layed off for 3 weeks.

I wish you'd stop asking that.

We're going to go with your plan.

I sometimes just don't want to get out of bed in the morning.

She studies audiology.

I said back off!

They tried to collect wood from the forest.

Just don't tell them.

He worked day and night in the interest of his firm.

The house has two floors and a wood shingle roof.

I supported her even against my father.

We paid him four dollars.

My father will come home at the end of this week.

This is a car and that is a bus.

Daren certainly isn't going to volunteer.


He introduced me to his relatives at the reception.

If I knew an answer to this question, I would tell it to you.

You two make me sick.

Sally has a clock just like the one Hilda has.

You are wonderful.

She listened very carefully when I praised her son.

Ann is a good-looking man.


You're told to go.

Have you ever traveled by air?

I've never found that to be necessary.

She indulges in tennis all the day.

Is mom scolding the horse's hemp?

How are you today, my brother?

I meant to have written to you.

I'm here with a friend.

Is that really what you think?

This ought to bring in enough money to put us back in the black.

Jeannette gave everything he had.


There was more than one.

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Don't forget to remind him about the schedules because he is sometimes forgetful.

Steven and I already know each other.

You can't imagine doing that, can you?

I'm going to go to the bathroom.

The magnificent film made us think that the legend of El Cid is true.

The room was very untidy.

Are you cold? Here, take my coat.

Mitchell has been lying all along.

Dan and Linda seemed perfect together.

Someone is up.

Let's see what needs to be done.


We're meeting in an hour in front of the hotel.

Ross's behavior was inexcusable.

I don't think Clara will be able to help us.


Teri has written several cook books.

We need to do something.

Friendship is just like peeing your pants; everyone can see it, but only you can feel its true warmth.

It uses solar power.

I think a bit of anger is better for you than worry.

The policeman went over the room in search for evidence.

The smoke ascended into the air.

It has nothing to do with you.

The high school students are studying in the classroom.


Recently someone told me about a language website, tatoeba.org, which I will definitely check out.


This is all the money I have.

You should keep it close.

The contestant made two false starts.

I decided not to go to Europe.

When night came on, we returned home.


The noise of the heavy traffic kept me awake all night.


The economic strength of a country lies not alone in its ability to produce, but also in its capacity to consume.

She gave him a big kiss.

I regret having been idle in my school days.

Are you through with the work?

Hey, I just had a good idea.


That's an odd note grouping for that chord. Try spreading it out over two octaves instead of one.

I was born on 18th March 1994.

What is this object used for?

Insurance makes us remember that the world we live in isn't completely safe; we might fall ill, face danger or encounter the unexpected.

That little boy can walk.

Sheila knew he had a problem.

I have been waiting for the results with anxiety.

Rafik refused to help me.

Herve grumbled.

Don't raise your voice.

You look happy.

We used to live in Boston when you were a baby.

I really need to go.

Laurie fell in love with a pretty girl.

It was just a hunch.


Past seven.

You might want to check this out.

I can't to do with her any more.

Albert Einstein was born in 1879 in Ulm, Germany.

That isn't necessary, is it?

It was not long before I got a call from him.

No one has the right to tell me what to do.

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To become CEO of a multinational company is easier said than done.

I think you look like him.

Brian got special treatment.

Torsten went into his room and closed the door.

The ink cartridge can be recycled.

The game may have been put off till next week.

He is coming at once.

You've certainly outdone Jared.

Do you consume liquors?

We're just doing our job.

This is very irregular.

This animal is just working for rewards.

I never listen to Ramsey anyway.


Have you cleaned your room yet?

She went to the house several times.

You can crash on the sofa if you're tired.

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Even the smallest child knows that kind a thing.

The battle is ours.

Leaving the flashlight turned on depletes its batteries.

We came to an agreement in the end.

You have to contribute your fair share.

I'm thrilled about that.

Put the cap back on the bottle in case the cat knocks it over.

They've been dance partners for more than 60 years.

Pat baked brownies.


You need a bath, don't you?

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The town was destroyed by the flood after the storm.

He is hard on fifty.

Although Vaughn is sick, he's planning on going to school.

They paid me five dollars for the bag.

I don't have any allergies.

Milner works for Phillip.

I'm glad you showed me how to do it.


We won't die.

They made up and became friends again.

It seemed like a game to me.


This used to belong to them.

It snows a lot in Hokkaido, doesn't it?

Do you want to go to the party?


I didn't even hear Tran.

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I've got to talk to her.


Did you really leave your car unlocked with the key in the ignition?

Germans mustn't help them.

This is all happening a little too fast.

My nails are blue-green.

Rafik is an ignoramus. He understands absolutely nothing.

I trust computers only as far as I can throw them.

Is he coming by train or by bus?

That was where the two armies would fight again.

It's no big secret that Glenn stepped out on his wife every chance he got.

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Live and learn.

Our country is in a crisis.

Jim entered the room quietly so he wouldn't wake the baby.

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You'd better not go out.

I'm sorry, but it's time.

The police charged him with speeding.


Let me do that for you.

I don't have to worry about finding a job.

I know some most respectable people in the town.

That dress matches her red hair.

They began to run all at once.

He did not pay the debt and disappeared.

Did you finish the assigned readings in the textbook?

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The price of cabbage fell because of overproduction.

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That shows how little we know of ourselves.

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That is disturbing.

Someone stole all my money.

Rodent asked Arne for some advice.

Carelessly stringing words and constructions together, you ultimately get a finished sentence that makes sense. Isn't that a miracle?

Bonnie had no idea what to do.

Werner felt like everyone was ignoring him.

All is well that ends well.

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I've done everything you've asked me to do.