He and I have been inseparable friends since our student days.

No, the life that a man and a woman build together is rarely happy, don't you think?

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You look like someone I used to know.


Nobody ever caught Celia stealing.

They were quite beside themselves with joy.

This is the first time I've ever slipped on a banana skin.

Have you ever walked through a graveyard at midnight?

Won't you please write with a ballpoint pen?


There is no telling when they will come.

When Aunt Leila passed away without making a will, her death was a total loss.

Lucius seldom uses power tools.


Stop, that you be not found foolish.


He will have been writing a letter.

Just sit there.

Granville isn't up to the task.

Lievaart has grown old and can't cut the mustard anymore.

Do you like that?

I can't believe you've done this.

Pratt had an asthma attack.

I'm not gonna lie to you.

I am sure this book will be of great use to you.

She had two beautiful girls at one birth.

Things will be drastically different from now on.


Isn't that good enough?

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I'd like to dance.

She is an office lady.

He didn't come, with the excuse that he was sick.

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We have a lot of things that need to be done.

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I have been to the place that she spoke about in her talk.


She threw up.


Is there a pharmacy nearby?


Kirk has gone to the supermarket.

Jackye's hyperventilating.

Eventually, he was sentenced to five years in prison for the violent crime.

I never thought I'd see you alive again.

We'll just come back later.


Have you seen her?

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Thanks for lunch.

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Police have failed to turn up any new evidence about the murder.


Curt and Gill became engaged last year.

Many weeds were growing among the flowers.

Adrian changed jobs to earn more money.

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We should play golf sometime.


This figure is a mirror of the decrease in imports of crude oil.

What language are you speaking?

If it should rain tomorrow, we would go by bus.

Oktoberfest has often already ended by September.

This could become a serious problem.

Hurdling the wall will make him stronger.

Are you sure you don't want to go?

This is a big dog.

I thought it was inappropriate.


How did Dan make use of that?

You're starting to get on my nerves.

Heh, Camgusmis said "Lobjan".

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When I arrived at the airport, the wind was blowing hard.

Tell me.

I asked him where I could park my car.

I need you to do something.

They're Michelle's.


According to Aristotle, the planets and stars were located in an unchanging region of the world called the aether.

If I had not gone to India, I would have been sitting at a beach in the UK now.

Lord often eats scrambled eggs for breakfast.


You're going to have to talk about what happened.


I'll lend you this book.


Sheila and I are old friends.


Major tends to overthink things.

They defended weak people.

A century ago, spittoons were still used.

Sri ran past them.

Kylo scribbled something on his notepad.


Who doesn't admire him?

If the lights go out, light a candle.

Francisco works at night.


It was obvious that he was lying.

Soldiers barred the way to the city.

Supper is a simple meal.

I've done that already.

I asked him out, but he said no.

In Texas, murder is a crime punishable by death.

Here anything can happen.


Don't let anyone hear you say that again.

I hope Shean never gets caught.

What do you plan to major in at college?


She got really mad.

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We had a dress rehearsal for the dance show the morning before opening night.

Victor thought it would be a good idea to see a doctor.

There's no need to bite my head off!

I'm going to travel to Boston this weekend.

Where does this path go to?


I would like to have breakfast.

I should be glad if you got the job.

I'd like a cup of coffee.

This is the kind of program that Jess likes to watch.

How old might his grandfather be?

If you only listen to the testimony of the victim you can't understand the full story of the incident.

We won't say a word.

I'm going to be straight with you.

Whom did he have in mind?

I never had that problem with Jack.

In the amusement park Kuldip found a boy on his own weeping, and spoke to him gently. "Hey, sonny, what is it? Are you lost? Would you like me to take you to the Lost Children Department?"

You haven't finished your coffee.

I've been having some bad luck.

The students promised to uprise if that substitute ever returned.

Sherri asked Duncan to go to the zoo with him.

All emotions, and that one particularly, were abhorrent to his cold, precise but admirably balanced mind.

You're the best thing that's happened to me.

She carried the news to me.

I will come back as soon as straight.

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You'll have to wear warm clothes, otherwise you'll catch a cold.

It's important for us to remember that.

He doesn't seem interested in making friends.

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You must be mentally exhausted.

They are in the hands of the gods.

Angus got mad at Po.

Radek is holding a knife.

Danielle requested help, but no one came.


The police arrested him for theft.

I'm not allowed to have visitors this week.

Kathleen is popular, isn't he?

The electric things have their life too. Paltry as those lives are.

Most anime characters have large eyes.

English has a lot of idiomatic expressions to offer.

What auxilliary materials or machines can presenters use when making a presentation?


The fan doesn't work.

That would be how I would solve this kind of problem.

Get up at sunrise and marry young!

It just seemed to be the right thing to do.

Calvin is now a college student.

You closed the door of your bedroom?

The event starts at 2am.

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Tell them why you can't go.

Do you mind if I sit down?

They won't find anything.

You could at least give me a hint.

She looks very lovely.


He tried to pass himself off as a Frenchman, but his accent gave him away.

I have as many books as he.

Julianto had a bad cold last month.

Tell me when to call at his office.

Many of my friends can speak French.

Don't turn your back.

We think that's a good thing.


Jun is a slow walker.


He is a Londoner by birth.

I don't quite know how to say this.

You can learn as much in the library as in school.

She shared her book with her neighbor.

I can't do this without you, Murthy.

He'll always come through.

It's no use regretting it now.

Julie has to get up early.

Debi was caught by surprise.

Dan promised Linda more.

Usually I cycle or get the bus to work.

What do think of that new restaurant?

Clifford's a bright boy. He catches on very quickly.

It took him three months to learn to ride a bicycle.

Warning! Risk of suffocation. To avoid danger don't keep it near babies.

Let me be honest with you.

It's not easy being honest all the time.