I pruned one.

More and more people are moving to urban areas.

I shouldn't have told Les to do that.

Kari was talking in his sleep.

They have old construction equipment.

I've been here for months.

"It was boring," Moses added.

Mayo's a real night owl, and often does his best writing after midnight.


I'd like to thank you.

I'll tell you what.

Kelly is going to need your help.


Lloyd's grandfather was a slave.

We need to maintain focus.

You'd be stupid to trust her.

When a sentence is not owned by anyone, like this one, you can correct it yourself.

I'm downstairs.

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

I will give you what little money I have.

Did you buy it today or yesterday?

I'm glad I could be of some assistance.

Mohammad wanted a pencil with a softer lead.

Ricardo got US$ 500 for winning.

The corners of his lips showed a bluish tinge that really worried the nurse.

I've got to finish this essay by tomorrow.

Just so you know, I'm an FBI agent.

She called me very late last night.


I'm trying to get some help.

It is soft to the touch.

Let's do something together.

If you wish peace, prepare for war.

Lila must've had a key.


The public deserves to know.

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Nobody told Clarence what he should do.

Wishing is for those who can believe.

The lion is the king of the beasts.

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"It will be all right, Venkata." "No, it won't."

I think that she is from Japan.

I tried to solve the problem, which I found impossible.


Taurus said he was asked to help.

Lonhyn got up to greet them.

He and Aldrin explored the Moon's surface for 2.5 hours.


This is, without a doubt, an embarrassing situation for me.

My son owes what he is to you.

I had my pocket picked in the train.

There's no suds.

Accidents will happen in the best-regulated families.

Which one of these glasses did you drink out of?

John has confidence in his ability.

Maybe something will turn up.

Are there any liquids or sharp objects in your luggage?

The car slowly gathered speed.

Clara didn't really feel like studying.

I am looking up at the big building.

Why don't you go buy yourself something pretty to wear to the party?

I'm focusing on my job.

Your battery is low.


It never stopped raining the entire day.

It is too late to repent.

If you are going to go to America, you should brush up your English.


Where's the list?

Our software is proprietary.

This isn't a trap.

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Grab him! Don't let him get away.

Tammy says that he and Jarmo are moving to Boston.

"Oy, what's up, Tanji?" "I'm having trouble because there's a unit I didn't take at my last school."


Hurry up, or we'll miss the train.

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I'm OK. I'm fine. Right as rain.

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Petr knew he was being insulted.

Where is everybody?

Fay is a person I admire.

He slipped out of the classroom.

He has a big house and two cars.

Is it hard to be vegan?

What a terrible film! It's really overrated in my view.

He doesn't look very happy.

Her theory is based on facts.

How many do I have to do?

Why are we going to Australia?

Things seem to be spiralling out of control for Sue. His friends agree that he has hit rock bottom.

Do come and see us tomorrow.

My cat lies next to me when I play piano, but I think it's really appreciating the fabric of the bench and the warmth of the duct over it.

Jeremy had better leave us alone.

Let me explain it to her.

Ginny is a very light sleeper.

I don't believe what I'm seeing.

Do you think we'll be able to do this without any help?


I am adding examples to Tatoeba.

Patrice stared at Lisa with hatred.

I subscribe to the newspaper "Haaretz".

I have to get to Sridhar.

Eduardo turned on the air conditioner and the apartment began to cool down.

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Stevan argued that Andreas stood three words ahead of her, although when he turned back, he saw that, between she and he, there were only two.


What's in the briefcase?

Parapsychology is the study of paranormal and psychic phenomenons, including ESP.

Nobody's ever died from working too much, but why risk it?

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She complains all the time.


What time is sunrise?

Do you recognize that person?

Mechael's house is near the beach.

Most of them are foreigners.

She read the book once when she was sixteen.

The dolphin is an intelligent and playful creature.

I'll be back as soon as I find James.


What'll we do if Manavendra is late?

Helen looks as young as ever.

There's nothing we can do about that.

That makes a lot of sense.

Little remains to be said.

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Jot it down in your notebook.


Why should I tell you?

Some companies guarantee their workers a job for life.

I don't remember promising that.

Tickets are $30 in advance, or $35 on the day of the show.

I think I now know where we are.

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It follows from this that the company is not responsible for the accident.

He is ashamed of having been idle in his youth.

I imagine Jun will be here soon.

I should wear this more often.

Let's be clear.

That's why my heart suffers so incessantly.

Kit used to be important.

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You're crazy or what?

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I don't need it.

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How many of you did Spencer borrow money from?

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Gerald can't tie his shoes.


She's washing dishes.

I don't know why I lied to him.

I'm not going to force Gerald to do that.


Eileen made a lot of money in Boston and then moved back to Chicago.


I don't know Merton well, but I know his wife.

I went to Nikko along with them.

I love French films.

How long do you think it'll take?

He's always spacing out in class.

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They wash their hands.

Kirsten is asleep on the sofa.

I get a three percent commission on anything I sell.

I know all the skeletons in your closet.

He refuses to accept his old age.


Hiromi wears a new dress.


Dan kindly answered the question.


She needs it.

Srivatsan didn't get up early enough to catch the first train.

You deal with it.

During the Industrial Revolution, people worked 16 hours non-stop.

Mac was silent.


He was transferred to the head office in Tokyo.

This old book is quite out of date.

Can I touch it?

Open those doors!

Jock should have made up his mind by now.

You've got a fat chance of convincing your mother to lend you that much money.

Does Merril wear a wedding ring?

I admit I'm wrong.

No one was killed.

Ragnar waited for Dorothy to go to bed.

Can you teach me to fight?

Tigger doesn't understand modern technology.

The animal is eating.


She opened like this.

We're newcomers.

Charley is definitely over thirty.

Do you really think that kind of thing can be done?

I called you because I need to ask you a question.