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What do I do if my luggage doesn't appear after I get off the plane?


Stuart was faced with an enormous task when his mother died leaving a badly cluttered house for him to clean up.

It's frightening.

Do you have an empty room in this hotel?

It cost more than I thought it would.

I came across a lot of interesting stories for my new book.

Ray asked me if he could watch TV with me.

I found some money.

If you aren't careful, you'll fail again.

It's a cruel world.


What didn't you like about me?

Our train went at 200 kilometers an hour.

That was freaky.

I'm seeking answers.

By the time you come back, I'll be gone.

They don't stand a chance.

The gardener had tulips of various kinds.

That wasn't your job.

I don't see your name here.


An izakaya is a Japanese style pub.

He had scarcely escaped when he was recaptured.

Swahili is written using the Roman writing system.


I went to his place straight away.


Linda likes basketball.

Can you play a song for me?

Women are all the same.

Markus could be in his office.

You're right on time.

He will come if he has a mind to.

My heart fluttered with excitement.

How long does it take you to get here from your house by train?

I must buy one of these.

I haven't seen her in three days.

Have you ever read the New Testament?

The game is over.

Ask them to call me.

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Why did Gil and Gale get divorced?

Are you sure that's all?

I had lunch with him.


Many characters are nuns.

I know what you're thinking, but it's not true.

Which team are you on?


I never get seasick because I am used to traveling by boat.

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Unique ideas helped him to earn a high income.

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We watch movies on the DVD every Saturday night.

The switch is on.

Glen was just three years old when his mother died.

Briggs likes money.

Political necessities sometimes turn out to be political mistakes.

I'm not stopping you.

Shane persuaded the store manager to give him back his money.

She's on her way home.

He would often talk about the people he had lived among while he was in Africa.


Russ was a very good man.

Don't interfere when grown-ups are talking.

These ruins are ancient.

Hamilton knows this is how it has to be.

That looks like it hurts.


We need a large amount of coal.

He read the entire Old Testament in one year.

This is a terrible tragedy.

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No one's certain.

Lloyd didn't have enough money to buy everything he needed.

We went to see the cherry blossoms along the river.


I think he genuinely likes me.

Could you please sharpen these knives?

Both of us are from Boston.

The dogs are going in the same direction.

You're totally ignorant.

"Cat?", the old man wondered.

Sleep problems are called insomnia.

It would cost twice as much as that.

I must help her.

Maybe we can buy her a new one.

What does this image make you think of?

They enjoy the benefits of a great reputation.

You don't want to sleep?

Uploading is the opposite of downloading.

My father intends that I should become an engineer.


Will you be there Saturday?

Down with the dictionaries.

I had to go therefore to all those who appeared to have some knowledge.

Where did you get the pattern for your new dress?

Marek called Mitchell when he got home.

People walk naturally.

Sleep is a good idea.


Here's a list of what we need to find.

They asked Ned why she was crying.

Close the safe.


She likes to read books.

Stagger was in his thirties.

Yes, that is most certainly so.

Would you like that?

"Are you sure it's a human bone?", said Corey while putting his shoes back on.

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It is only recently that people have begun to realize the importance of nature conservation.

Deb did not resist.

Vishal really was very helpful.

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He will get well very soon.

Ann entered the office carrying an armload of mail.

We have to learn to trust each other.

I'm getting dressed right after I eat breakfast.

Try your best in everything.

I'm here to help in any way I can.

I'm afraid my tonsils are swollen.

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Amedeo sure can sing.

I'd like inexpensive seats, if possible.

I've already told you everything I'm going to tell you.


I don't look forward to going to school.

Pia wanted to talk about something else.

I want to come in.

Yesterday is a more "yest" day than today. On the other hand, a "yest" day is the most "y" day.

Are we going to be OK?

They were heroes.

Hilda didn't know where Mario wanted to go.

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As a matter of course, you must go there yourself.

Hi, how are you, everyone?

Tell nobody about what I've just said.

Anna was in constant pain.

The administration cannot but look for alternative sources of revenue.

The minister was caught lying to the corruption enquiry and was forced to resign.

Make the new guy do it.

I am a toaster.

You're a friend of Grace's, eh?

It's embarrassing.

I can't wait for her.

Tai couldn't blame Jarl for saying what she did.

A good idea presented itself.

Today is Sunday.

We're not like that.


Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that's popular in East Asia.

This city is hard to live in.

He gave me what little money he had about him.

The child caught a cold.

Ruth isn't here, I assure you.

I should've told Sheila about Suresh.

The experiment has to begin.

It's official now.

Are you saying I was right?


I meet him at the club from time to time.

If you have the words to that song, I can translate it.

It's too late to shut the barn door when the horse is already out.

He warned me that I would fail.

I began to speak.


I think this medicine will do you a lot of good.


She hadn't noticed the cold until she opened the door.

No and his friends all have Macbooks.

Dial it down, Skef.


Nothing's gonna change my world.

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It may be the last time.

I thought you looked familiar.

Charleen went to school with Markus.

Bobbie quickly reloaded his pistol.

There's something sort of familiar about you.

Raanan pretended to not hear a thing.

What has Annie been up to?


Shall we talk about it over a cup of coffee?

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Battling Bowser for real will require all 120 stars.

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Fake it till you make it.

I want them to lose.

You do have choices.

If God had listened to my prayer, my boss would be working for me now.

I'm very proud of my father.

I know something you don't.

Meehan will recover.

Don't blame Francois for what happened.

I can't permit this to continue.

She thinks I'm jealous.

We're all alone here.