I have many German friends.

The show's Friday.


Tomorrow is a new day.

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We're entitled to the facts.

Did you threaten Martin?

None of these cars are mine.


Kari certainly looked and sounded better than he did last month when we visited him.


What do you say to taking a rest?

He often goes with her to watch movies.

The new finance minister has street-cred.

Clyde certainly doesn't need any more money.

Michael died a few days later.

How long do you want this time?

The ship appeared on the horizon.


I never should've left.


He was absent because of the storm.


The blossoms will be out in a few days.

We'll have a picnic tomorrow, weather permitting, of course.

I wish Lex wouldn't keep hassling me.

You will go, you will return, never in war will you perish.

I had a lot of gumption when I was young, but now it seems to have all petered out.

It's not as if he can't run fast.

Don't accept the world the way it is.

Got the hang of it?

He's liable to shout when angry.

Can you still remember where we first met?

Nobody wants to be around them.

During the war, people went through many hardships.

Never ask for the obvious.

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There was a heavy rain last night.

I'm sure I've never seen her.

I thank you for that.


The United States is made up of 50 states.

I'm trying mah-jong for the first time.

They cried out together.

They're right, of course.

Dan was promoted at his job.

I have not been busy for two days.

Is this your opinion?


Hienz isn't afraid of you.


No one knows what's right.


Grace has two cars.


You have no clue what you are doing, do you?

We'll make the summit of the hill by noon.

Does Ahmed really want this?

I can't eat all this.

Apparently, Myron doesn't like me.

Brodie and Caleb went deer hunting.

What's that got to do with me?

He won't come, will he?

Ray nearly had a heart attack when he saw Jill standing on the edge of the roof.

Pravin lives right around the corner.

He assigned me a new job.

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The baby was sound asleep.

I don't go to work on Sundays.

You can't just pretend that nothing happened.


I don't want to lie.

Brandon needs to get some rest.

Andrea came to the train station to see us off.


It isn't raining now.


What is beyond remedy should be beyond remark.


I am in no position to do anything about it.

I'll make myself useful somehow.

I may not have a lot of money, but at least I live on my own terms.

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Can you watch him tonight?


She pushed the car.

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I hope that my friend will come.

Someone must have planted them.

That's not the first time you've told me that.

Nobody needs to talk.

Alexis didn't notice a thing.

Francis has a busy day tomorrow.

Every march is composed of discrete steps.


"May I have one as well?" "Yes, certainly. Today's on the company after all."

It almost never snows here.

Practice make master.


No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

I suppose you want to ask me where I've been.

Everyone paid for his own meal.


Don't look at it.

I love him anyway.

I hear a dog barking in the woods.

Jerald made a costly mistake.

You should stay in town.

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You hear me.

The vehicles are inspected for defects at least every three months.

Well, what do you want to do, Aaron?


How did you know we were at Elias's house?

A hole in one is moving on the whole.

I'm interested in things meta-physical.

Is basketball season over yet?

They say she's sick.

I left my hat as I got off the train.

Isn't that irritating?


When parents get old in Japan, they are customarily looked after by their children.

The group was made up of four young men.

To know oneself is difficult.

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We rented an apartment when we lived in New York.

The police are suspicious of the old man.

The detective took down his testimony on the spot.

Don't be too sure.

Now I see that I misunderstood the sentence at first glance.

Never did I dream that you would lose.

All right, let's try it again.

Some library books are treasures.

The professor treated her as one of his students.

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She wrote a small book on china.


We couldn't go out because of the heavy rain.

He wants to be with me.

Sumitro wasn't scared of anything.


Do you celebrate the Earth Day?

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Maybe you should leave.

That's not the case.

A cold rain fell over the city.

They'll be next.

You enter text into the box at the top of the page and press "OK".

He doesn't stand a chance against his opponent.

I'm not very disappointed.

Did you enjoy watching the night game last night?

The owner sold the building for what he wanted.

Go and stand next to your car.

I don't know about you, but I agree with Those.

He was found guilty of attempted murder for attacking his mother with a knife.

I won't beg for my life.


Mehrdad couldn't stand it any longer.


If you don't want to reply, you don't have to.

He ruined me.

Theo is just being diplomatic, isn't he?


I want to go for a frolic in the rain.

This is not sure.

He took out an egg.


Your mom left you when you were three.

Kate's dog was barking at Brian at the gate at noon.

This is something new.

I should talk to them.

Are you talking about my friend?

He prophesied that a dreadful calamity would happen.

As it is written, the birds are preparing to launch an attack on us as we speak!


I haven't asked a question yet.

They are enjoying a healthy life in the country.

The weather is fine in Boston.

Are you in Paris?

What's that flower?

That is why Yoshio has caught a cold.

Kemal wants me to talk to them.


She incarnates all womanly virtues.

Illness prevented me from going to school.

King is housesitting.

He was chatting with his friend Jesse Jackson about the meeting that night.

We've already discussed it.

Phillip shot a deer.

Bjorne always forgives Kristin, no matter what she does.

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You left without me.

I went to the hospital to see Joel.

We heard coughing.

I talk to God but the sky is empty.

He's an awful busybody.


That way you keep thinking about me but are unable to admit to your feelings, that hot and cold feel is a real boom among young men!

When he saw me, he raised his hat and greeted me.

Donal certainly looks older than twelve.