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Next year will be tough.

These books are used by him.

It was obvious that the driver had not been careful enough.

I cannot help thinking so.

That dog doesn't bite.

You can be happy if you want.

Put it someplace where no one will see it.

The secret leaked out.

I recognized her at first sight.


Tony was a good, strong boy.

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Jill wants to become a surgeon.

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Don't you ever get tired?

No one is asking you to eat that.

The weather forecast says there'll be showers.

Takeuchi had a hunch that Ramanan was lying.

The result is opposite to our expectations.

I've never worked with Johnnie.

The old man starved to death.


My longest romantic relationship lasted four months.

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The new President is well spoken of.

She always wanted to start a family.

I'm disappointed in you, Joachim.


This is at best the extent of my magic.

The chicken is a bit too dry.

Jonathan is right on time.

Let dinner wait.

She is very photogenic.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking you're thinking?" "That depends on whether what I'm thinking you're thinking I'm thinking is what I'm thinking."

Who is there but hopes for happiness?

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Catherine, or Cath for short.

Kitty cut Cindie off.

I put it back.

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The boy was cross at having to stay at home.


She visited him on October 20th.

I'll check in.

Clarissa wanted the job, but he wasn't hired.

What's wrong with the refrigerator?

I saw your picture in the paper.

Why don't you want to learn English?

My wife throws my money around as if I were the richest man in town.

Bud is allergic to dairy products.

You must not to take an umbrella with you.

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Yes or no?


I have a meeting with them.

I've had it with these stupid rules.

It just turned out that I had to do it.

He's really sensitive to heat and I'm sensitive to the cold. What should we do about our bedroom?

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

It has been a long time since I saw him.

Clara seems to be having trouble staying awake.

What a pair of morons!

That's an idea.

I don't doubt it.

Let's not pack our bags just yet.

The teacher said, "That's all for today."

If you want that hat, I'll buy it for you.


I designed it.

I'm writing to the guy.

Have you ever smoked?

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Leon saw a play in the new theater.

She couldn't help but cry.

Here's the deposition you needed.

He must be over sixty.

Hurry up, or it will start raining.


Being very rich, he thought he could do anything.


Stephan said he wanted to take some pictures of us.

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I don't have the nerve to watch it.

I'm proud of my dad.

Did you poison her?

Herve wants to talk about the project.

Some people are working in the fields.

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I'm on my way to pick you up.

If you are to succeed, you must work hard.

Let's do this!

His behavior is worthy of praise.

Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus.

I won't stand here all day.

There are more girls than boys in this class.

Heidi is photogenic.

The judge made no bones about his disgust with the accused's actions and handed down the severest sentence possible.

Yoshio helped me lift the box up.

They were on their knees.

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We want them to forget it.


This kind of experience is familiar to everybody.


I'm sure I can persuade Malus to help.

Do you have any idea what's happened?

I paid for the drinks.

They're debating about raises.

I'm already late.


He came about four o'clock.

I chose one.

Everyone believed her.


What are you going to do with your share of the treasure?


I started one.


You're not even listening.

A high wall stands all about the garden.

Pontus won't have any trouble finding someone to help.

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He has invited me to attend his wedding.

I need something to open this crate with.

I couldn't keep lying to her.

I came into the room to find him watching TV.

The chances of our team winning are fifty-fifty.

I was trembling with fear.

I've been in prison more than once.

You're making a really big mistake.

As far as I am concerned, I have no objection.

The young couple fell in love with each other very soon.

Our office is on the northern side of the building.

They're only trying to help.

It's good to have you back!

He is very much interested in Japanese history. We are surprised at his vast knowledge of the subject.

He likes his spaghetti al dente.


I ran for a mile.

We hear music with our ears.

I've done nothing.

Tokyo is Japan's most important and modern city.

I took the job without giving it much thought.

What a long week!

We've got to find him first.

Vidhyanath lost his car key.

How'd you end up here?


Is Laurence going to get out of prison any time soon?

That joke wasn't funny.

I'm just going to go wash my hands.

I need some private plumbing advice.

Henry just got his learner's permit.

Who would spread such ideas?

Black and white television sets have gone out of date.

Today was very tiring.

Was his name Donne or John?

A fire broke out last night and three houses were burnt down.

Matti has nothing better to do right now.

What's the name of this fruit?

Is the work hard?

There will be difficulties.

These stories are as old as anything that men have invented. They were narrated by naked savage women to naked savage children. They have been inherited by our earliest civilised ancestors, who really believed that beasts and trees and stones can talk if they choose, and behave kindly or unkindly. The stories are full of the oldest ideas of ages when science did not exist, and magic took the place of science.

Jordan tried to comfort Turkeer.

"Me, I'm fascinated by the world of magic and miracles," murmured Maria.

I'm not one of your patients.

Jackye is planning a surprise party for Ned.


My dad is teaching me how to cook.

Do you have any brothers?

No financial details were disclosed.

Do you want to be here?

Srivatsan needs to get some sleep.

Where is the milk tea?

My office is significantly brighter than yours.

I always love the idea of Tatoeba.

It doesn't look like anything to me.

I want Sergei to understand what has to be done.

I haven't gone anywhere in a long time.

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They reveled in the success of their sales.

Raja put his key in the door.

I'm used to people not agreeing with me.

Valeria is interested in coming here.

Hey guys!

I'll need at least a day to make the necessary preparations.

Busy right now.

It was real.

We don't have more time.


He left his wife and shacked up with a woman half her age.

If you're done reading the book, please put it back where you found it.

His boss is friendly, he's American.

Do you think we ought to go in?

Raja put on his tie.

I appreciate your coming on such short notice.

Let me go alone.


Do you desire to surprise your loved one tonight?