Ron wanted to buy a new pair of boots.


He was silent all the time.

The policeman arrested the burglar.

Edith is kind to everybody.

Don't wait dinner for me.

She looked as though she had seen me somewhere before.

Despite his restraint, he agreed to it.

I love you more deeply than I can say.

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He is an insurance agent for a New York company.

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You could've told me about this earlier.


She's both tall and fat.


I didn't hit Phill.


He was given a book by me.


He wants to go to the United States.

The train is to arrive on time.

I'm going to do it myself.

How did your date go?

She received the maximum sentence of ten years.

I wish you nothing but happiness.

What is the temperature of the ice?

I bought it last week.

He asked me who had painted the picture.


He can't do it.


You can't go to town.


Why do you look familiar?

We were supposed to tell everyone to leave.

He is rich and you are just as rich.


The teacher experienced a burnout.

This money will really help.

The stocks fell in value overnight.


That's so good.

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I lived there for three years.

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I'm worried about him, too.

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It must have cost a fortune.


My heart was broken.

I have never understood correctly what electrodes are.

Gill can only speak a few words of French.


Everyone watched her carefully.

They say that he will run for mayor.

It doesn't have to end this way.


The date of the party is still up in the air.

Do you believe the legends?

He was taken away by a policeman.


My wallet was stolen on the bus.

I must speak with you immediately.

He has all but finished the work.

He was exposed to danger.

I helped her do some chores.

A true friendship is more valuable than money.

I don't know how he does it.

He shooed the goose away and closed the door.

I think Lars was trying to make something to eat when we came to visit.

There was enough food at the party for everyone to have some.

We will have a math class tomorrow.

Bill was able to pass the exam.

The numbers don't add up.

That is the house where he lives.

We all agreed that the plan made sense.

All in all, the excursion was pleasant.

If the ruling class could profit from people who are okay with themselves, they would have a lot more money.


Forget about it.

What do you guys have?

It's my problem, not yours.


It wasn't exactly a secret.

She greets him every morning.

Oh my God! There is no objection in your kingdom.

Natalie is sleeping, isn't she?

Don't lend books; no one gives them back. The only books that are still left in my library are ones that I have borrowed from other people.


She would never in the world marry Satou.


We'll continue cooperating.

I have a great deal to tell you.

A scanner allowed one to determine if one's leg was really broken.

I can no longer trust you.

I disapprove of what you say.


We'll meet her.

I could use a little sleep.

There's a slight difference between her thinking and mine.

I ran all the way here and I'm out of breath.

The rate of exchange is 145 yen to the dollar.

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We've been watching you.

You should give a lot of care to your work.

I got a new cellphone.

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Does anyone have some liquid paper?

I've been here for hours.

The aliens will arrive any day.

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Tomorrow, I've got an important mission first thing in the morning. I shouldn't be wasting my time with this.

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After much thought, the thief decided to confess.

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The standards for admission to this school are very high.

How long do you think you'll be gone?

The Thames is a river that flows through London.

If it rains tomorrow, I'll just stay at home.

They don't seem to be very pleased.


Let's give Charleen the benefit of the doubt.


I met the prince himself.

You made plans, didn't you?

Dannie couldn't work out why Eduardo was so cranky all the time.


Even we ourselves were confused.

The sociologist has a habit of scratching his back.

Don't drive so fast. We're all going to die!

Are we supposed to help Doug?

I didn't anticipate this happening.

What with fresh air and proper exercise, he recovered from his illness quickly.

I buried my dog at the pet cemetery.

Do you hold him in great account?

"Don't you know I'm going out with Carlo?" "I don't care."

I wish I could've talked to Lou.

Cyrus would have become a boxer if his mother had let him.


Helium is the second simplest atom. It consists of a nucleus containing 2 protons and two neutrons. Around the nucleus orbits 2 electrons.

I was able to find the book I was looking for.

I go out for walks after dinner.

Do you want to dance?

Kyu couldn't understand why Syun was acting so strangely.


I don't know when I'll be back.

I'm a human.

Jem got up from the couch.

I was drenched to the skin because of the heavy rain.

Oh, didn't I mention it?


I like skiing.


Granville could have come yesterday, but he didn't.

The accident taught me to be careful.

The ship sailed through the Suez Canal.


It shouldn't take much longer.

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They all looked happy.

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I do as little as I can to get by.

It was only meant as a harmless prank.

Emily's staying in her elder sister's house, because her parents went to the United States for a couple of weeks.

Farouk has already decided not to do that.

Maybe we should go bowling.

We're a good team.

She is reading a manual on gardening.


King John honored his treaty with Spain.

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The cat lay at full length on the road.

What I need is more money.

You have to wait.

Individuality is stressed in the Western world.

They were caught on camera kissing.

Dinner is ready.

Many crimes can be carried out on the Internet.


Most of my classmates can speak French quite well.

Get away from me now.

Sometimes everything goes wrong.

They all got into the taxi at once.

They need to work tomorrow.

I told him how proud I was of him.

I knew I was in trouble.

You're being detained.

I'm a pretty good handyman.


He is really putting the squeeze on me.

He's a dishonest salesperson.

Julianto avoided looking at Grant.


It will be a wonderful day!


I never thought it could happen to me.

The dog growled at me.

Someone has to tell her.