I'm getting rid of him.

Two houses were burned down in the fire.

I want to get back home before Tyler does.

I shrunk my T-shirt. What should I do?


Rain is an infrequent occurance in this part of the country.

She still has a little money, but not much.

Do you think you might recognize Myron?

We've been expecting them.

There was a tap at the door.

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Make sure you tell them that.

It's okay. I won't bite.

Women are not a minority.

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He was playing on the swing in the park when a stranger came by and offered her sweets.

Would you step aside?

Pierre's car broke down.

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There's something uniquely interesting about Buddhism and mathematics, particularly about quantum physics, and where they meet. That has fascinated us for a long time.

One cannot remain neutral between those who destroy the law and those who obey it. Neutrality means not dispassion but impartiality, and one cannot remain impartial between right and wrong.

He has a good case against her.

I thought you were in Boston with Toerless.

You trust in god?


The trauma of war has a long-lasting impact on those that survive it.

Tell him I'm on my way.

Is bigamy a crime in Australia?

This is the flag of Japan.

"I won't eat that." "That's your problem. You'll remain hungry."


We have to wait for the all clear.

Why wasn't I informed earlier?

For someone who has an idea, even the kitchen table is enough.

Poverty is probably more difficult in colder climes.

What began 21 months ago in the depths of winter cannot end on this autumn night. This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make that change. And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were. It can't happen without you, without a new spirit of service, a new spirit of sacrifice. So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility, where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other.


I did not say that, he did.


He came amiss.

Both you and I are college graduates.

He was declared bankrupt.

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You don't know where Ranjit has gone, do you?

I'll never talk to them again.

God loves those who can control their anger and forgive unintentional negligence.

I think we have a lot to talk about.

The situation has taken on a new aspect.

I have no money, so I eat only pasta.

I hear you've got a new nickname.

We have no special plans.

Keep away from me because I have a bad cold.

Oh please, not so fast.

The main street is filled with girls in kimonos.

They accepted the new government.

Loud music is bad for your health.

I can't remember now.

"Death Note" is one of my top ten favourite TV series.

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Clean your lips with the napkin.

He's not religious.

That's more than I expected.


He pressed the button and waited.

Maybe Lorraine can help you move the sofa.

For the record, I'm not at all interested.

I take a basket and a shopping bag with me.

Bryce agreed with Bryce's assessment.


We're trying to help him.

We heard this song before.

I knew you weren't from around here.

The storm sank the boat.

Ralph isn't interested in politics at all.

Will it be sunny tomorrow?

Don't you think the name "The Sacred War" sounds a bit sarcastic?


I didn't use to watch so much television.

I don't know his last name.

The cat has two ears.

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I'm afraid we can't change it. Nobody listens to us.

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Casper showed interest in the plan.


He gave correct answers to the questions.

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Loren died from a drug overdose.

Watch your mouth.

What was the girl called?

He ran so he would get there on time.

She pulled down the blinds.

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I am a stranger here.

How can I get to the stadium?

A reporter is interviewing Dr. Patterson about Koko, a talking gorilla.

Do you know that for a fact?

This book is still in circulation and can be found in the bookshops.

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I think your father hoped you would go to college.

The kids suddenly become quiet.

I will get that classic car at all costs.

How do you think I feel?

I was detained all day.

The crowd was worked up.

I think time will tell.

We need to help Suu.

I know you were just doing your job.


Orville is both intelligent and kind.

We're well aware that it's a hard time now.

Eugene shooed the flies away.

He contributed fifty dollars to the project.

Let's decide on the date for the picnic.

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She is shy and always remains in the background.


This is an old letter.


Annard turned on the windshield wipers.

I translate articles almost every day.

I'd like to change my ticket.


What's up with her?

How can banks prepare for the next recession?

The point at issue is not her ability but her character.

The ship was christened by the princess.

We were assigned to a densely wooded area and we had to carry out a search of that area almost every week.

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Nobody is authorized to check what is going on at Guantanamo.


Have you ever seen a bear in the mountain?

I hope my car passes inspection.

I'm sure Cindie was busy.

In this legal system, corporal punishment is imposed on adult men only.

Don't forget that the adjective must agree with its noun.

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Need I go right now?

Antony apologized to Pontus for losing his temper.

One dollar is equivalent to 110 yen.

He had fifty dollars.

I would like to ask a favor of you.

A drop of sweat ran down Huashi's back.

I don't think Glenn is coming to our rescue.

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Tammy is a preacher.

They invited me to play cards.

I hope you'll join us.

No details were immediately available.

Where is Retiro park?

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She's painting her room white.

Many international conferences have been held in Geneva.

"I brought you a gift." "You didn't have to do that, Kay!"

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I just want to hold her hand.

The new car is hers.

I wait here until she comes.

I didn't want you to see me.

Who are you, how did you come here, and why?

I am far from the tree.

He is a truly brave person.

Is that really what you want?

The mission remains to serve others.

Paul caught Audrey stealing his money from the cash register.

He doesn't care.

My superior excused me for arriving late.

Did Murthy knit gloves for you both?

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Erwin may talk to Moran if he wants to.

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It's only Herb.

That house is not satisfactory for my needs.

Teri has a lot of stamina.

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"So, are you really dating Ted?" "What? Who'd you hear that from?"


Josip told me he wouldn't be late, but he still hasn't shown up.

I've never missed a deadline.

I thought you were dating him.

I'm not the thief, you are a witness!

My sister did not say "Hello".


Follow the tram line and after ten minutes you will se it on the right side.


Hillary is a heavy sleeper.


There are no limits.


She agreed with him that I should go to the meeting.

I second that.

This is the bottom of what inning?

A neutral country is a country that doesn't sell weapons to a warring country, unless you pay cash.

He sold me down the river.


I usually eat before 6:30.

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I think it's best to accept his plan.

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Pablo helped raise Margot and John.