Think thought I was making it up.

Would you rather visit Boston or Chicago?

There is now no God and no Buddha.

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Our teacher is someone who likes precision, and always demands precise answers of her students.


Dogs that bark a lot usually aren't dangerous.

Microwaves can cause serious damage.

The surgical removal of an ovary or ovaries is called an oophorectomy.

I like hugging Vladislav.

Anthony was thrown out of the bar.


I don't really want to debate this.

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I did what was necessary.

Please forgive me for butchering the pronunciation.

It doesn't matter to me whether she comes here or not.

I'm gonna withdraw some money real quick.

We're still investigating the cause.

Death is certain.

Ideas don't really have a home on the ground, they float in the air between people.

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He can't take it anymore.

Can I scrounge a fag?

Do you wish to make any other transaction?

Rafael watched a YouTube video on how to eat a pomegranate.

It was just sitting there and nobody was looking, so I took it.

In fact, Eric told me never to come back to his house again.

We're going to stay at home today.

I copied and pasted it from Wikipedia.

You certainly picked a nice time to start an argument.

My feet are cold.

Write your name in full.


Dan came back home tired.

I was the only one who didn't fall into the trap.

It's a very urgent matter.

For ages, man has been fighting against disease.

This means nil.

They'll make a new mistake.

I'm just another man.

I don't know what the big deal is.

We can't fish there anymore.

You must avoid making such mistakes.

He has the ability to do the work.

This machine is inferior to that one in durability.

You have until midnight.

Maybe Vladislav thought you wouldn't want to see him.

The doctor concluded that her stomach pains were due to irritable bowel syndrome.

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The trip will take at least a week.


I met him.

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"It's really hot today, isn't it?" "Yeah, it sure is."

There's a lot of snow in the winter.

Stop being so nice to me.

He has a tight schedule.

He schemed to evade tax.


He is something of a scholar.

They pushed his body off the bridge and into the water.

Lana didn't really feel like going skating.


Was there anybody else besides you?

Don't speak.

You don't like chocolate anyway, right?


If you want we can use English.

Alastair was lucky he didn't get seriously injured.

Hey, what are you guys talking about?

God, please send us the sun!

Men believe that discussing problems is a waste of time.

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How many pockets does that jacket have?

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I just don't want to make the wrong choice.

I have some things for her.

I actually had fun tonight.

I'm giving you time until tomorrow.

She is inferior to him in math.

Science, my lad, is made out of errors, but of good ones, for they bring step by step closer to the truth.

Princess Diana's tragic death shocked the world.

I prefer silver rings to gold ones.

I continued working.


Jim was completely puzzled.


We could go kayaking next weekend.

Her conduct gave rise to suspicions in his mind.

I know what I did wasn't right.

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The dog barked a lot.

There is a rumor that he has resigned.

I told them what the plan was.

They never take back their cups at the end of the day.

Kit might have visited Irfan in Boston last week. I'm not sure.

Have you ever lived in a rural area?

That guy happens to be a crook.

What do you love? What do you hate?

Has anyone ever told you the truth?

What time does your father leave for his office?

People are always dying.

He stayed up all night.

My mother made cookies this morning.

I recommend we keep our distance.

William kept working.


Bring your friends.

Have you ever gone to the beach with Straka?

God, oh God, why have you forsaken me?

The teacher pointed out your mistakes.

I'm a busy guy.

Nicolo and I are dependent on each other.

Do you mind if I ask you a question?

Next time I come, I'll bring you some flowers.

We need it when asleep as well as when awake.

How long did Tuan say he'd been studying French?

The red light has gone off.

About a third of these diseases can be cured, but the others may be serious, or even fatal.

Is there a way on how I could access my inbox from this cellphone?

She is very becoming in a black party dress.

Hello everyone, I'm Mike.


There were many things that I thought were important at that time that I no longer believe are important.

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He acted as chairman.


Scotland becomes part of the Kingdom of Great Britain.

I'm good at cooking.

Do I have to use ink?


The alarm rang and everyone rushed out.

Martyn may talk to Stevan if he wants to.

He's putting himself in debt.

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I watched TV at six last night.

That being the case, instead of elaborating on these two reports, I should like to say a few words to corroborate the arguments behind them.

This is the village where the poet was born.

Everyone likes winning.

His car has just been repaired.

She won a free car.

I think Dimitry is all right.

Heinrich reads nothing but fiction.

It is sad not to be loved, but it is much sadder not to be able to love.

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No one had even seen something like it.

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Both sisters are very beautiful.

It's important that we remember that.

We know about Jacques.

If you don't like it, don't eat it.

Shaw took Real dancing.

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I can't leave her here.

I'll give you all the money you want.

The hostage-takers planted explosives all around the compound.

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It rains softly on the town.

He was lonely.

No one bakes a finer apple pie than Emily.

Looking out of the window, I saw a man standing near the door.

I've been studying French since I was thirteen.

I'd like a taxi at nine in the morning.

Which kind of watch do you prefer, digital or analog?

I've gotten used to going to bed early.

Anderson whispered something in Rogue's ear and she nodded.

She regretted it afterwards.

He has something to do with the case.


How about running?

Return fire.

I am very interested in those stories.

We've already spoken to the police about that.

From what I've heard, I think Vishal is going to get fired.


During the 60s and 70s, she published her most famous books.


I felt like killing myself.

He spent the morning reading a book.

It's time to say okay.

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Malcolm probably has better things to do than hang out with us.

In Japan, all children go to school.

I hadn't planned to tell you.


"Your dog died." "Ha, yeah, very funny."

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I want to dispose of the land.


Could you get me a cold drink, please?

Karl can't decide which approach to take.

Harvey led the guests into the living room.

Saul goes to that restaurant for lunch every other day.

Everybody knows she can speak English well.

Write Manuel.

There is a time to speak and a time to be silent.


He will explain it to you when he comes back.