What're you going to do about these cockroaches?


That's actually pretty cool.

There is a big park near our school.

I want to hold you.

You're too stupid to live.

You'll see it for yourself.

Everybody hates them.

We appreciate your promptness.

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Sweating allows the human body to regulate its temperature.

He had never studied English before he went to the United States.

I have to sell a lot of my things so I can pay all my bills.

Neville, which do you prefer, girls with long hair or girls with short hair?

I guess my mind wandered.

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You're satisfied.

She picked the most expensive dress.

She surpasses me in English.

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We adjourned the meeting for lunch.

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Did Saad ever mention Patricia?

What's our situation?

It's not easy to pick out the best actors for this play.

Please keep in touch.

Lila is the best runner.

Did you really just say that?

I wish Guido were here right now instead of me.

The store is just across from the theater.

When were you in London?


Lindsay thought he was going to get a higher salary.


I am happy in spite of poverty.

I have plans with him tonight.

Can I ask what you're doing?


I glanced at my watch.


I will add new words to my dictionary.

I like to study French.

There are a lot of people who believe that Timo really is a time traveler.

Have you seen Hotta without glasses before?

Elliot doesn't look like a child anymore.

When are you going to tell Claudia about what happened?

Is she going to go to the United States this year?

Joachim says he can't stay long.

Do you need bread, sausage and cheese?

As we age, our ability to remember gets worse.

Carter plans to move to Boston before the end of the month.

If it had not been for your support, he would have failed in business.

Keep away from me.

This piece of information is very important to us.

It takes us half an hour to walk to school.

Cristi has no such problem.

It was an era of lawlessness.

I quickly laugh at everything, for fear of having to cry.

Make sure to drink the medicine before you go to bed.

Ninja and Steven got along very well.

"Could I ask you a few questions?" "Questions about what?"

I have a lot of work to do!

Did Hiroyuki come back?

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He's the Bach of today.

I wonder if anything happened to him.

Do you refer to me?

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Edward found the key he had been looking for.

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Where's my book?

Be careful with that, Mayo.

I told you not to come back.

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Eventually, he was sentenced to five years in prison for the violent crime.

I wish they'd play this song over and over again.

You had lunch, didn't you?

You're being a fool.

We need to talk about Marcos.

I think Gretchen may be a genius.

The vision that was planted in my senses still silently lingers.

These students work hard, but it's not that much efficient.

Sanjay wants Christie to make spaghetti for dinner.


How do you spell "pretty"?


Wilmer knows you better than he knows anyone else.

Cris struggled with dyslexia as a child.

My parents are at the movies tonight.

Eve plucked fruit from the tree of knowledge.

I can add many sentences in different languages.

Esperanto adjectives always end in a.

You are hurting me.

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Didn't you miss anything?


You don't have to buy anything right now.

I just wanted to make sure you were OK.

I think you might like it.

Bradford took one bite and then spit it back out.

I'm not the only one in trouble here.


I don't know what Jenine did with it.


It's just a little further.

I have tried searching on Google, but I can't find out what to do.

Any child knows that.

Oil may not last for another hundred years.

Revised kicked me out of the kitchen.


Shyam fed the horse.

In that country I was a foreigner and was treated as such.

Julie turned on the music.

You really know how to party.

He didn't open his mouth all evening.

This problem is both yours and ours.

The meeting gave her extreme pleasure.

The champagne bubbled in the glass.

I don't know any French.

I think it is necessary for them to go there.

Winston said he couldn't find a job.

It's hard to hit a curveball.

He used to work as a stuntman.


I'll bet it hurts.

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Our country's youth has no interest in politics.

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Hopefully, we'll enjoy our China trip.


This should come in very handy.


No one will care.

I don't know how to persuade Syd to go with us.

It is clear that he knows the answer.

The headwind blew against the sail.

If you turn around, I'll fasten your dress for you.


I need to find out who to give this to.

He tried in vain to solve the problem.

I badly injured myself in the leg, too.

Where'd you get to last night?

Gypsy abandoned hope.

The unalterable rhythm of mathematics is definition, theorem, proof.

We went to the movies last night.


Life begins when you are forty.


You frightened her.

Both Lanny and Santa aren't very good at speaking French.


This is pretty extreme.

Who are you going with?

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Jane was about to leave the house.

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The almond trees are in bloom.


"Are you angry at me?" "You bet I am!"

Louiqa built a pillow fort.

I forgot to bring my umbrella and ended up getting drenched on the way home.

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Terrence scares everybody.

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Tandy is facing a few serious problems.

I would rather die than do such a thing.

He failed, due to lack of money.


I'll convince him not to go.

Do you fear a national bankruptcy of Greece?

Maybe your earring is under the table.

I really need to see you. It's important.

The circus has a wonderful collection of wild animals.

Ezra, will y'all come over tonight?

It probably won't rain tomorrow.


I can't afford to eat in such an expensive restaurant.

It was interesting to hear about school life in Britain.

I just got my first tattoo.


What did you do with my glasses? They were here a minute ago.

Hienz put the thermometer in his mouth.

She's beating cancer.

The carburetor wasn't the problem. You needed a new fuel pump.

He confessed his crime frankly.


Can you show us the house?

Benjamin bent down to scratch the dog behind the ear.

The mother clasped her baby to her breast.

He was promoted to section chief.

I am Anthony.


I had a fantastic vacation!


His house is somewhere around here.

Sergio deserves better.

What do you hear?

What color is your hair?

Good advice isn't expensive.