Why didn't somebody stop Tracey?

I will go out when I have finished this work.

There's no shame in that.

Ken painted his bicycle white.


I think I'm seriously addicted.

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The place is surrounded by cops.

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Who benefits from this?


What do we mean by "global optimization"? It's kind of like if I gave you a pair of binoculars and told you to find me the highest mountain in the world, using only your eyes.

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Vilhelm and Fay walked in silence through the park.

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Syun needs at least nine hours of sleep every night or he can't function.

This chocolate is very sweet and tasty.

He inherited the business from his father.

How's your patient?

I go to the cinema once a week.


He is in college.


Phillip didn't blame Denis for what had happened.


I wonder if there really is a Santa Claus.

You're not busy, right?

It's difficult to reconcile all the opinions.


Keep her away from me.

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I've always hated Kirsten.

Lack of oxygen is fatal to most animals.

I think Elwood wants to come with us.

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Don't you think I know my own mother?

Are you truly blind?

Books are lying about on the floor.

My shrink is nuts.

Dick was elected queen of the prom.

You should fix your tie.

I don't want to get sick.


Deborah has yet to be found.

She was racked with pain.

We're not going to buy that car.

I ate an insect by accident.

Take some money just in case you need it.

Terrence was wearing an old lab coat.

Elementary, my dear Watson.

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Mr Hoshino is hard to please.

Which operating system is used on your computer?

I told you this was going to be boring.

This vacuum cleaner makes a lot of noise.

I'm younger than him.


That child's constant screaming gives me gray hairs.

She was caught with her pants down.

May I ask what book you are reading?

Nancy is happy in that she has many friends.

This is a remake of a classic movie.

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Sanitary conditions in the refugee camps were terrible.

Srinivas's parents are divorced, right?

Who's going to pay for this?

All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher.

I'm going to pick Byron up.

We are thinking of moving back home.

Turkeer lost his job.

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Paula left the room to call her mother.

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Three children sat on the sofa.

In other words, education is the instruction of the intellect in the laws of Nature.

I'm going to go with Kylo.


Wade assumed that the meeting would start on time.


I asked Phil to wait for a few more minutes.


I'm not saying that we can't win. I'm just saying it's not likely.

Kari's the kindest, most loving person you could ever hope to meet.

I've never traveled by train.

He gets his hair cut three times a month.

Father is still in bed.

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Today, I don't feel like doing anything.

Set them free.

The hotel which I am staying at is near the station.

Two American students live in this dorm.

Why did they turn down your proposal?

On account of having drunk some strong coffee, she wasn't able to sleep all night long.

How old was she when she got married?


In honor of tomorrow's Esperanto club meeting, I baked a cake with white frosting and a green star in the center.

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Could you lend me your pink pen, please?

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My son is apt to be absent from school.

Even though I ran down the stairs, I couldn't catch the train.

It's a bit strange as far as I'm concerned.


What's your favorite kind of movie to watch?

As expected, Manjeri didn't get here on time.

One regularly bumps into more beautiful women in the street.

She has been looking after her sick sister for ten years.

I would like to see it.

Sarah would never say what you think he said.

He's considering becoming a sailor.

I am hungry because I did not have breakfast.

Collin has decided not to complain about what happened.

He doesn't like football.

People thronged the theater to see the star.

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It is abhorrent to me.

I had the strangest dream last night.

You have friends here.

This book is about life in the Soviet Union.


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I don't remember how Derek reacted.

I can see a woman and two dogs in the car.

I don't think I care for your tone.

The prisoner was behind bars for two months.

It's too bad but we got pummeled at the soccer match.

She ran up the stairs.

The house has all the conveniences.

Donne would tell me.

We have achieved all our aims.

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Jane may be playing tennis with my brother.


I don't like to travel with large groups.

I'm glad I was nearby.

I straighten my hair every day.


Alfred seems real sweet.

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You just made a very big mistake.


Giggling with embarrassment, she held out the condom.

Wasted time is irretrievable.

In his country, a birthday was celebrated not just for a day, but for a whole week.

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I cannot climb this mountain.

I have to think.

Can we get help for them?

I didn't have to move it.

He is a man with a classical education.

Thus, instead of avoiding the purchase of products from one bad company only to support another, we avoid buying anything to the greatest degree we are able.

This book gives us a good idea of economics.

This is the most exciting book that I have ever read.

The children sat around the campfire and listened to Clayton tell ghost stories.

Please take a look at that picture.

How rude of you!


How did Martin get there?


These are technical documents and they are very difficult to translate.

What brings you here tonight?

I've had plenty to eat.

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If it means what I think it means, we're in trouble.


Hector is a paramedic.

Oleg lives by himself.

Then, when he asked who had broken the window, all the boys acted innocent.

Have a good night.

Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.

There's a big difference between theory and idea.

I'd like my coffee weak.

I will listen.

Leslie called and said he would be late.


They are plowing the field of wheat.

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I'm going to have to tell her.

Napoleon's army has advanced to Moscow.

In this language school, my goal is to learn another language so that I can go to another country and speak with their people in their language.

The planes flew over the village.

She married an ichthyologist.


I'll take that matter upon myself.


I'm working in Tokyo now.


The deer was killed by hunters.

What are Betty's hobbies?

What are the chances that we'll have a white Christmas?

Conversations can be based on reactions.

I came up to Boston from Nashville a few years ago.

Price isn't going to hurt me.

Where's your family?


Malus has known Wendell since he was a little boy.


Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

I've been crying a lot lately.

These children are born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God.