Norma was convicted of manslaughter.

Ramses II was an Egyptian pharaoh.


Bertrand and I have the same problem.


How am I doing?


Nobody went with me.

Olson needs a new pair of shoes.

Milo was waiting for us.

The leaves have begun to turn.

I want you to lie down face down on the floor.

He is endowed with a sense of humor.

They often say that life is short.

Those children always get into trouble with their parents.

Anton has tried every sport except swimming.

Where is the money with which you're going to buy a car?

She's hard at it.

I live in Turkey.

Charley isn't dependent on his parents.

We talked for a long time.

Unfortunately, I can't find it.

They have watched TV serials this evening.

I'm really good at my job.

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You should take an umbrella with you this morning.

Do you know if there's a steam room anywhere around here?

Now, what else can I do for you?


Nanda kicked the snow off his boots.

There is nothing scarier than death.

A husband and wife promise always to love each other.

That's okay, take your time, I don't want to distract you from your work.

Caution: risk of electric shock. Do not open.

What high school did you go to?

Can you tell me what Philippe did?

I think I know what happened to Robert.

I'll do it now.

But I'll do it.

Can you tell us what it is?

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Betty still loves Varda even though she doesn't love him anymore.

You can't really understand another person until you walk a mile in their shoes.

Leslie has hired a lawyer.


That play was popular.

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He intended to persist in his silence.

Ramiro learnt that Takeuchi had left the school.

How many elephants are left in Africa?

The effects are reversible.

Let's have a look.

Scott didn't even look at the letter Knudsen handed him.

Do you drink beer or wine?

The salesman demonstrated how to use it.

I'm safe here.


The rules have changed.


His name eludes me.

Go there yourself if you like, but I want no part of it.

A white cloud is floating in the blue summer sky.

Bart felt a sharp pain in his chest.

I'll go if the weather is nice.

Sandra is the most popular boy at school.

Never underestimate your audience.

Imported cars account for less than eight percent.

List used to hate Woody. Now he loves her.


The eggplant is a vegetable.

Did you personally see the accident?

She doesn't want to be with anyone.

It'll get warm soon.

Lock the dog in the kitchen.

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I'm your new partner.


The rest of the members were all out of tune.

Don't let your children become couch potatoes.

I'll do whatever you want.

Please tell me what your problem is?

The results were as follows.

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Sergeant has three pieces of baggage.


He instantly regretted taking apart the laptop after realizing how many complex components there were inside.

I need the money I requested as soon as possible.

What you say does not bear on our problem.


"Did they get the law passed?" "Yes, they finally put it through."

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It really doesn't concern you.


Walt has a house with two rooms.

Come along after me.

Their job is to bake bread.

Do you give any credence to the rumours concerning Vic?

It was his story of adventure that charmed us all.

I know you're still mad at me.

This soup is too spicy.

I'm not worried that much.

Should we get him?


Judy has been doing a great job.

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All my pains are nothing compared to yours.

Under no circumstances will we take part in military actions.

Do you think our team will win?

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Kent helped me escape.

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My gums are bleeding.

This might interest you.

This house is my grandfather's.

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I'm going to investigate this case.

What else is in the closet?

They don't have those in Norway.

She taught me how to make a web site.

They'll find me.

You can't be forced to testify against your husband.

Why should they try to influence him?


Elijah had nothing to give.

Maybe what Jaime said was true.

We're letting you go.

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Thank you for your service.

His dress betrayed the fact that he was a foreigner.

Let's husk the coconut.

You must have some idea what's going to happen.

You would like it.

Margot set down his glass.

We didn't wait for them.

It's been changed.

Rich doesn't make much money.

I have a new pair of socks.

The chemical symbol of scandium is Sc.


Don't you want to know where it's from?

Kay is still very young.

He carried a cane.

I'm just saying you can't blame me.

Where do you want to start?

It was a silent night in winter.

You don't have to make an apology.

I am a duchess.

Shall we go out?

From next week onwards Jane will take responsibility for our students.

Everybody laughed except her.

You're new here.

Tuna was amazingly courageous.

Everyone likes him.

I've started to read the book.

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My brother was so absorbed in reading that he did not notice me when I entered the room.


The pipe burst due to great pressure.

Despite having studied proofs of evolution, some people have clung to traditional doctrines grounded more in mythology than in science.

The helicopter took off.

Air traffic controllers are under severe mental strain.

Her novel was translated into Japanese.

Some learned to play musical instruments.

How did you do on your finals?

Could you please tell me what that was about?

At the end of the party, only two guests remained.

What happened to me?

We have to get Sherri's temperature down.


We are a fortress.

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I don't think we'll be able to solve this problem without a little help.

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The world owes me, so fuck you!

Spanish is spoken in Central and South America.

The original was stolen last year.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only translation available.

I've sent him home.

The story of the lost prince was a fiction.

Unless you can speak French, they won't understand you.

He had a radio.

Let's treat everybody fairly.

I wanted to stop him.

Evelyn isn't buying a word of it.

Lois is buying some bananas.

Nobody wanted to work in my country.

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We need more trade agreements.

What's the minimum salary in South Africa?

All our efforts were without result.

Suzan has been there three times.

If not for "if" and "however", I would say amen to everything.

I'm calling to support your decision.

Learning a musical instrument trains the mind.

Dan opened up the sandwich and found no cheese in it.

I wish I could swim as fast as Ragnar.

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She wrote him a friendly letter, and thanked him for his help.

That's what Oliver wants.

I go to the office by bicycle except on rainy days.