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James finally fessed up to stealing money from the tip jar.


Bonnie died a year and a half ago.

I cannot deal with this problem without help.

I don't think you can beat me.

I'm scared of big, black, hairy tarantulas!

She's new fish in the pond.

All they show us is girls in bathing suits!

Our school administration decided to do away with that school rule.

I had to give Hartmann a little money.

Suzanne has some very strange ideas.


Talking of Smith, what has become of his daughter?

Two people riding on a bicycle at the same time is dangerous.

Where's the nearest subway station?


He hasn't been doing anything since he graduated from high school.


I think about that all the time.

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I don't cry.

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He reminded his wife to wake him up at 7:00 a.m.

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He is carrying a parcel under his right arm.

Do you like fishing? Maybe we could get together sometime.

I thought I had a day off.

I think we should try a little harder.

No, I don't think so.

Instead of listening in class, I'm translating sentences.

Where is the duty-free shop?


Clara got out of his car and closed the door.


He looked at the cows in the fields.

They didn't book the holiday, but I don't think they will have any problems.

He operated the new machine.

That's a big fat lie.

It's because I'm actually from Chicago, everyone else is from the suburbs.

It doesn't really matter.

We've seen that happen before.

Who's the new head coach?

Billie wasn't happy to see Suu.

Did you forget something?

She knows that.


I won't let Vince hurt you.

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Has the house got a dining room?


Would you mind if I took one of these?

I'm still confused.

You may not come in.


I went back to my seat.

The bird went far away.

CouchSurfing is like speaking Esperanto, it's a dream coming true: the global village.

She was late to work because she overslept.

All the more so to think well of him.

I've got to call her.

Stan ran down the road as naked as a jaybird.


I know of him, but I don't know him personally.

Everybody thought it strange that he lived alone.

Don won't be in for a few weeks.

It is ideal for those who want to lead a healthy life.

Ken spends an increasing amount of time at work.


Maybe you need a vacation.

We need to warn Caroline.

The state is going to reform its drug policies.

They do not usually live with their children.

She has a habit of biting her nails.


This is going to get interesting.

Nanda says that he has never cheated on his wife.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

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The stick is sticky.

Neither of us got our wish.

Don't you dare!


Jeremy eventually pleaded guilty.


I can hear Ramanan.

The flight attendant apologized for spilling hot coffee on Hsi.

He glanced at her with no sign of recognition.


It'll soon be a year that Part and Jane have known one another.


I wish I'd called them.

Music gives sound to fury, shape to joy.

They offered the job to me.

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Doyle said he saw Kayvan tonight.


Eat anything you like.

Where would you like to go first?

He makes it a rule to read aloud every day.

She has received a good education.

It was a certainty that the inhabitants of this island had committed horrible crimes.


Dan pretended he left something behind.

I'm not allowed to talk.

We'll solve this together.

Jackye knows her.

Do you lend me your radio?

He wants to work at the hospital.

With the travel voucher, trips are cheaper and I can make free transfers.

Another glass of beer, please.

My garden is filled with sweet-smelling blooms.

I have yet to hear that story.

We were reading.

He was tired, but he kept on working.

Have you ever loved someone who never loved you back?

He is very angry.

He says that he did nothing illegal.

He paid the army wages.

Rahul went to Boston in 2003.

Thanks for the effort.

He was reading a textbook on American history.

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Trey said he thought he had forgotten something.


I don't make friends easily.

I am staying at a hotel in New York.

They wouldn't follow us.

Give him my regards.

We stayed at an inexpensive hotel.

We came up with some interesting ways to surprise her on her birthday.

You're welcome here anytime, Julianto.


Allan believes that Kemal made a big mistake when she sold her father's Stradivarius.

What're your plans?

I can't confirm that that's the actual number of deaths.

He left for Tokyo on urgent business by the 7 o'clock express this morning.

The rumor worked to his disadvantage.


Don't tell me. Let me guess.


For the past two weeks, Ginny has been working non-stop to prepare for the press conference.

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Charles lied about where he'd been.


I don't know what Antonio is looking for.

Since he was able to walk so far, he must have strong legs.

Could you tell me how to get to Hsi's house?

I'm not used to having people question my authority.

Excuse me, but this is my seat.

Jem is a little nuts.

Joseph put a cup of coffee in front of Maria.

Polly doesn't have to do this for me.

Kenneth will come if you ask him.

We need to handle this in a lawful manner.

She was clad in a kimono.

My period is five weeks late.

On the whole I am satisfied with the result.


The suspect is a black male.

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I don't go out at night like I used to.

He wouldn't even speak to me.

He did not dare to jump over the creek.

Your father went through all that trouble for your sake.

When he's hungry, Marco is capable of wolfing down a kilogram of baked goods.


We're cooperating.


Why should I help her?

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Jeanette plans to return to Boston by bus.

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Staying up late at night is very bad for your skin.


Everything looks pretty normal.

People gather around here when it gets dark.

Sigh, this used to be a nice neighbourhood.


I've never seen one before.

I'm surprised that you didn't know that Marian got into Harvard.

Remember your promise, Kevyn.

There is a lack of social housing in Paris.

Can I sit down?

Don't you see the exit sign over there?

I'll go get it now.

I think Brenda is drunk.

Annard received an injury to his head.

You've chosen a nice color paint for your room.

Kevyn used to play the cello.

She had her hat blown off by the strong wind.

I move around a lot.


Charlene scooted over so Karl could sit down next to him.

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You have to allow for human weakness.

Can you please close the window?

I'm glad I was there.

Alexander ruled for thirteen years.

I lived in Australia for three years.