Ken decided on going abroad.

His knowledge of geography is insufficient.

Having much to do, I felt depressed.

What should I tell Ozan now?

Don't tell Sassan about this.

Gregge keeps making the same mistake.

Sleep's the best thing for her.

I miss my family and my country.


I don't know, but I'm going to find out.


He is possessed of a great fortune.

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I could hardly sleep last night.


Skeeter didn't have any cash on him.

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We don't even know where Marion grew up.


Tuna couldn't make Dalton understand what he meant.

Subra said I could wait here until he got back.

Ten years have passed since he went to America.

Everything makes sense now.

Can anyone confirm that?


We have one kid.


The shop window was broken by a stone.

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I think you've confused me with someone else.


He saturated himself with sunshine.

We are always getting ready to live but never living.

That's very hospitable.

I don't have this book.

"No one likes you." "It's not true!"

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I didn't want milk.

Norway is the richest country in the world.

I want to know why you weren't at the meeting.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

It is clearing up.


Graham comes home every day at 2:30.

We've been lied to before.

Wendell wondered why Lucifer wouldn't French kiss him.

We'll know soon enough.

You are quite right.

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I think you should go to Ralph's funeral.

Emily is going to visit her parents.

Don't come in! I'm naked.


Did Jerrie know what he was doing?

Did I interrupt something?

Why don't you buy a vehicle?


Don't show this to him.


Penny cooked all his own meals.

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Have you finished writing your reports yet?

Penny seemed reluctant to join the class.

Thanks for helping me fix my car.

Have you really talked to him?

My family belongs to the neighborhood association.

Situation seems to be the mould in which men's characters are formed.

Dominic fixed Kristen's satellite receiver.

Lawrence and Harris were sitting on the ground.

These housewives are desperate.

The cake is shaped like a tree.

Jarvis is angry and afraid.

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The Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865.

No, you don't know Java. You know JavaSCRIPT.

His wife has a lovely figure.


We'll stop them.

What are all those bruises?

The Medieval Era gave way to the Renaissance.

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She will try it.


I still say it was a good idea.

She is blackmailing him.

Sharan slipped.

The boy began to cry.

Seth must've gone out.

Today is the fifth of March.

Who doesn't know some Spanish?


Not everyone was that impressed.

Trust is earned, not ingratiated.

Here's everything I need to hear.

She needed to talk to her mother about it.

Do you know what it means when a man gives a woman expensive jewelry?

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All books can be divided into two categories.

I used to think it didn't really matter what I fed my dog.

Michael Glawogger was an Austrian filmmaker who was well known for his documentary films.

Sandra and Malcolm were watching television when I got home.

Kenneth glided across the ice effortlessly.

When Jane died, I wanted to die.

There is a monster under my bed.

Children sometimes lack patience.

This was one of the best days of my life.

Shutoku said he's not alone.

Don't pressure me.

The crisis is entering a dangerous phase.

She burst into tears at the news.

There's a new survey.

Michel has a dual personality.

Chris didn't like the concert.

We need to know more about them.


Cary asked me questions I didn't want to answer.

I don't believe you really want to hurt Darryl.

They graduated from college.


If you're not happy, quit.

You know the law.

I concede the argument.

I think she's had a few Botox injections.

Sicily is hot in summer.

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They yelled.

Cole has never swum in our pool.

She was leading her grandmother by the hand.

I never learned how to swim.

I've got a bad case of jet lag.

I don't think I have enough time.

Lean it against the wall.

I never looked for you.

Everyone except Connie was present.

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Son lives in a large house with a pool.

Marcia is a mystery.

Write something.

I wonder if it would be possible for you to introduce me to Mr Harrison of PC Interactive Co. Ltd?

What's the minimum salary in Denmark?

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At night you sleep.


Why are you out here?

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Do you pluck your eyebrows?

I don't like studying in this heat.

That country broke off diplomatic relations with the United States.

Tickets are available at the school office.

He rubbed his eyes two or three times, wondering if he were still asleep or awake and decided he must be awake.


There was plenty of traffic.

Our condom broke.

I think it's necessary for him to go there.

You're not too old for Ronald.

In conclusion, Ahn, it very much falls to you and me to set the tone for the work environment. I will do my bit to defuse the present climate and crack on with the job at hand. I hope I can rely on your support for this.

Have you already eaten breakfast?

Do you want to come over to my house?

He pointed out some spelling errors to her.

Marilyn lives on the same street as Brendan.

I did not tell him what you had written in this letter.

It's impolite to stare at people.

Ken spends an increasing amount of time at work.

I was looking for Jesus.


They are in the same class.

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Julius is better at French than I am.

Is Klaus going to die?

Look out for yourself.

How beautiful!

I'd like to play a game of squash.

Nate is looking for something.

Atlantis is real.

He's drinking red wine.

With just a little more effort, he would have succeeded.


What you've done is unethical.

He finally resigned the presidency of the college.

The chair is not near the window.

The best teams are made up of a bunch of nobodies who love everybody and serve anybody and don't care about becoming a somebody.

Let's not waste any more of each other's time.

I'm not sure that's a good thing.

She was heard to criticize the manager.

Sometimes we forget that.

His book has been singled out for special praise.

Do you want to go back home?

I cry all the time.

I've got something else on my mind.

Our records show that the invoice No.1111 is still outstanding.

Koko chose the tree.

We should wait a little.

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Do you expect us to believe that?


I want you to write your phone number and address on this piece of paper.

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Can I reserve a bottle and have you keep it here for me?

I hear you have friends in the CIA.

Incredible, isn't it?