I don't need this anymore.

We'll play it by ear.

Where there is salt, there is life.

Dani is never coming back.

Rolf is very ill and I'm afraid she is dying.


My records show nothing of interest out there.

I just remembered that I was supposed to buy a loaf of bread.

The boy was accused of cheating during the exam.

She's not German, but Austrian.

Let's just make the best of it.

I can't leave Spudboy.

He is slow in action.


She broke into cries of woe.

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Lloyd is hooked up to a respirator.

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Vaughn brought this.


I think you should hold your horses a little.

Bonnie doesn't ever do anything to help.

Don't worry about me. I'm OK.

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I realized that putting this thing into practice was hard.


I'm surprised Will's still alive. I thought he would've drunk himself to death years ago.

She usually went to the gym on Thursday.

Instead of relying on a pension, he resolved to apply for the job.

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Our trip was unattended by adventures.


Are you questioning my judgment?


Mars contains highlands which occur in the southern hemisphere.

He was also deaf.

What you eat, or what kind of life you live, are decided by you alone.

You left me no choice.

Nobody saw Irvin leave the room.

This is so tragic.

You should probably tell Barbara why he shouldn't be doing that.

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Soon after, Yvonne met a young woman named Max. They married and decided to start a family.

I know that he reads.

You won't really be able to hear the difference between sounds that you can't distinguish by pronouncing, so even if you don't feel like communicating, pronunciation is important. Pronunciation can also be a hint for remembering how a word is spelled.

They are in favor of the plan.

I don't think Myrick would lie.

I've never cared for Gil.

I can't follow you.

Have you read Romeo and Juliet?

He got over the end.

Knut got a phonecall from the hospital.

Will you pick up the laundry from the laundrette?

What do you suggest?

It's green.

This problem seems difficult.

Dick remained still.

He entered up the sum in his account book.

Barbra and Brandy discussed their future plans.

He lost his cinema ticket.

Perhaps the train has been delayed.


Sherman didn't seem relieved.

I had never seen a more beautiful sight.

Hiding the head, will still show the ass.

He's totally lost it.

The weather was not only cold, but also wet.

List told Kemal it was an emergency.

You're my hero.

I don't want to celebrate my birthday.

Pratapwant seems to be lost.

What, you having bread again? I see you're still leading the same thrilling dietary life as ever.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

In copying this paper, be careful not to leave out any words.

Knapper jumped off the diving board.


Socorrito stood me up after all.

There's a few things I'm good at.

Let me help you wipe it off.

What time does the mailman come?

Why should you do that?


Fuck your mom.

We couldn't allow his claim.

If you're interested, I'll add your name to the list.

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I remember it now.


The computer is often compared to the human brain.

Shake the bottle before using.

Was it your idea?


He won the motion and settled the case.

This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.

This little jug is historic; it's more than eighty years old.

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Goodbye, see you very soon!

How I suffer!

He is full of ambition.

Doctors should keep abreast with all the latest developments in medicine.

He told me that he would assign all his employees to the same task.

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What can we do for you?

After being proven innocent, the killer cucumber went into a well deserved retirement in Spain.

Have them send you an application form over the Internet.


Lenora must have seen Ernie this afternoon.


I am pleased with this watch my father gave me.


I was surprised to find out that Florian had children.

Money is everything.

Since they had no children of their own, they decided to adopt a little girl.


Is it comfortable to travel by ship?

You could've asked me.

Ellen had four aces.

Rich didn't expect to hear Ricardo's voice.

Oh! How bad!


I wouldn't blame her.

Adam got better very quickly.

Pilar doesn't live in Boston.


He was waylaid by a band of guerrillas.

How about dining out for a change?

Life is all in all.

I thought about Gene.

That sound is irritating.

Tickets will be allotted in order of application.

How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing.

How is the weather today?

I actually had fun tonight.

I'll have to deal with it somehow.

We'll deal with it in the morning.

We have known each other for a long time.

That reminds me of him.

Tell us more about what you did when you were in Boston.

Where do you plan to go on vacation next summer?

Can you teach me how to play a ukulele?

Page hasn't shown up yet.

It wasn't a race.

He didn't take an umbrella with him.

Not all people like dogs.

We are going to invite Jane and Ellen.

Gabriel's conduct was beyond reproach.

Will I have to move?


I found it easy to answer the question.

He looks a bit fat.

It isn't so cold today.


He came to like her.

I will ask him about it tomorrow.

I've been looking forward to that.

Can I say this one last time?

We associate her face with a rose.

Einstein won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his work on the photoelectric effect.

He is still green at the job.

I've lost my glasses.

I'd like to mail this package to Canada.

It's normal.

He had the gumption to take my car without asking.

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I'm not supposed to do this.

We need heroes.

Ill weeds are sure to thrive.

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His ear trouble made hearing very difficult.

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You can't go out there.


I know that you still want me to call you.

What's this smell? Did you get sprayed by a skunk?

She's not my girlfriend. She's my sister.

You're entitled to a lunch break.

It was a great tragedy for them to lose their only son.

I've never played music professionally.

I thought Space would want butter on his toast.

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He taunted me, but I didn't take the bait.

I want everybody to go home.

The trees are barren or bear only small fruit.

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Judging from current situations, this project will absolutely succeed.

He has a bitter aspect.

Spring came late this year.

The general said to the brave man, "You deserve a medal."

What are you going to be using the frogs for, mister? Asked one of the boys.

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That would be quite acceptable.

The internet is one of mankind's greatest achievements. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to post a photo of my cat on my blog.

How do you spend your time?

Could I get another piece of pie?

Jackye usually eats lunch alone.


It'll do harm to you to sit up late every night.

I'd be happy to translate all that, but I don't know Dutch.

I love Italian food.