Power Analysis

How every Vuforia Developer can maximize power usage

PAT is a patent-pending innovation by Basemark that displays and records the power consumption of a USB device in real-time!

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Ease of use, portability and common USB connectors makes PAT user-friendly


For the price of a low-end smartphone, you will get a tool to measure the power consumption of all USB devices


Optimizing your code with PAT increases its value for you and your users

power measurement

April 24, 2017

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April 24, 2017


April 24, 2017


April 24, 2017

Every developer can have a PAT located on their desk so they can ensure their application’s power consumption is optimized to its maximum potential.

What is PAT?

The Power Assessment Tool allows you to make accurate power consumption measurements in mere minutes. It is an economical alternative for expensive and complicated industrial testing equipment.

The solution consists of an easy to use device and desktop software which works on both Windows and macOS.

PAT is designed for any software or hardware developer to accurately measure the power usage of an application in seconds.

How does it work?

PAT is a patent pending solution by Basemark. It consists of a hardware product that measures power consumption in real-time via USB port. The other component is the analysis software that records the measurements for easy graphical analysis.

Current version works with Micro USB standard and package includes all the industrial USB cables and PAT hardware device.

Desktop software works with both PC and Mac for recording.

The greatest Value of PAT is that you can accurately measure the power usage of your application without having to take the device apart and basically destroy it by trying to get to the power rails.

Vuforia Customer Offer

For a limited time Basemark is offering a special promotion only for Vuforia developers.

During this offer, Vuforia developers can purchase the PAT for $199 plus flat rate shipping. Regular price of the PAT is $995 so this is a significant discount. The offer includes the industry standard version of the PAT, necessary USB cables and Software to display and record your power consumption results.

This offer is valid until end of May 2017

PAT will be shipped directly to you.




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